JotNot Promo Code Giveaway! (Closed)



TouchMyApps is giving away 5 copies of MobiTech 3000’s JotNot ($4.99), a great little app that essentially transforms your iPhone into a handheld scanner. Equipped with an assortment of features and options, including the integration of the popular Evernote service, JotNot will make the process of capturing and digitizing documents much more seamless and bearable. SteveNaka reviewed the app and found that it worked as advertised.

Although JotNot is a really simple app, I definitely enjoyed using it and can see its usefulness. Yes you can just use your built in camera app to capture images, and yes there are apps available to edit images but why use 2 apps when you can get all those features and more in 1.

To enter for your chance at winning 1 of the 5 codes, simply check out our review of JotNot and tell us why you’d like to add this handy tool to your app collection in the comments section within. Winners will be selected randomly and the contest will close Sept 24th @ 11pm EST.

To double your chances, follow us on Twitter and tweet: Win 1 of 5 codes for JotNot ($4.99) from @TouchMyApps. Tweet this to enter! Details can be found here

Congrats to @chordica, Bruce, @countryboyview, atseng and Marcio Arruda for winning a copy of JotNot. Enjoy this very solid Scanner app!

  • atseng

    This would be very helpful in sending people pictures, receipts, e-mails!! Cut out all the unnecessary items out of the picture!

  • balanna

    This app would be great for keeping track of anything. Appointment cards, grocery lists, receipts, etc. Just take a picture of them and off you go!

  • bruce

    JotNot (plus Evernote) would make documenting receipts for Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) a snap. I already use a notebook in Evernote for this, but the added ability to ensure everything is clear is a huge plus.

  • Quinne

    This app looks like a great way to help me stay organized. I would love to add it to my collection!

  • I work in the video game industry and I am very much a digital guy. I have a hard time keeping track of paper work and this could really help me.

  • samir

    JotNot seems like a much much better option than using the iphone camera. The evernote integration makes it even more cool. If i win a copy, I am sure that I will find many uses for it.

  • jonjon

    This feature packed app will look great on my new iPhone 3GS! I would love to use it and snap pics of all my receipts and expenses

  • susan

    i never thought of the iphone as a scanner, but after reading the review, JotNot looks like something that will be very useful, not to mention easy to use. Look forward to winning the code ūüėČ

  • rockets9

    Just tried out the lite version of JotNot and I am quite impressed. The quality of the “scans” are good enough for my tastes and the many features of the app should come in handy.

  • I¬†need¬†this¬†program,¬†because¬†I¬†working¬†with¬†documents,¬†but¬†I’m¬†a¬†lazy¬†idiot.¬†

    Well..I¬†still¬†idiot,¬†but¬†at¬†least I think that i would¬†be¬†a¬†idiJot…Not?


  • I’m a college student and could put this app into good use. I was just about to buy this app the other day :)

  • jetlee

    Count me in. Looks like a great program to use for iphone

  • Ricky

    Would love to use JotNote and upload all sorts of documents to my evernote account! This seems like a very useful utility app.

  • George Berelos

    After playing around with the lite version, I can safely say that it’s something that will serve its usefulness….especially when I want to take notes in my class (like the screenshots above!)

  • In teaching music and educating, I rely heavily on the whiteboard. Some of my students have wished for a way for me to quickly digitize my writings and have it sent to them electronically. This would be the perfect app for that! :)

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