Groups: Drag & Drop Contacts Management in Review – Assigning groups is as easy as one, two, drag, drop


Hola, folks! Everybody knows that the iPhone’s stock contacts app is a load of pig’s poo. No field grouping, no mass sms, and no e-mail. Sometimes, even finding that one required phone number is next to impossible, even with the spotlight search. Don’t you wish it was as easy as one, two, three? Well, Guided Ways Technologies Ltd. (what a long name) have gone and done it: made it easy for plain folks like us to navigate our contacts. Presenting, Groups: Drag & Drop Contacts Management (an even longer name, sheesh!).

Groups has a beautiful, slick, informative, and intuitive interface. You can filter the entries by group; show all entries grouped by Birthday, Business (company name), or Nickname; and show contacts with photos, single contacts (Hmm, what an interesting stock filter! Strange things come to mind), etc..

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Tapping an entry brings up an intuitive menu with logical options such as call, sms, mail, and the option to check out their website and even their position on the map. You can also see the groups they’re in or send contact info via e-mail. Lastly, you can edit the contact using the stock app interface. If you tap and hold on an entry, you’ll be greeted by an entry icon which you can drag onto any group. I should note that the entries may even belong to multiple groups at the same time.

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Speaking of groups, they are really the focus of this app (hence the name). If you tap and hold on a group tab, you get a group menu allowing you to do all those things that the stock app is missing, including mass mailing them into oblivion. Well, almost all of them: I really miss the mass sms feature and hope it will be added in future versions. Also, unlike the stock app, you can add and edit groups as well as deleting them. You can also add “smart” groups, which are basically saved filters.


I would like to note that the interface is snappy on my 3G and is extremely easy to use. I do miss landscape view since there isn’t much space to see contacts’ names when the groups tab occupies the side and hotspots the right. Deeper system integration would be nice, but unfortunately, isn’t possible due to some of Apple’s current restrictions.

All in all, this is what the stock contacts app SHOULD’VE looked liked. But Apple has a habit of delivering sub par stock apps which lack even the most basic of features, leaving customers to choose between the myriad 3rd party products. Groups is a good app for those of you with a lot of contacts. If you wish to keep them organized on the iPhone, then Groups is for you.


App Summary
Title: Groups: Drag & Drop Contacts Management (V 1.3) Developer: Guided Ways Technologies
Price: $1.99 App Size: 5.5 MB
  • Gorgeous interface
  • “Smart” group functionality
  • Group editing functionality
  • Very easy to use
  • Group e-mail
  • No group sms
  • No landscape view


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