Alice in Bomberland – Sonic BOOM’s next big bang


Lewis Caroll either wrote about his niece in the perennially popular Alice in Wonderland, or, as is often explained, his imagination may have drifted in cloud-like from other sources (wink, wink). Nevertheless, the classic canonical English story is getting a rush of contemporary interest. As Sonic BOOM envision it, Alice in Bomberland’s exotic mix of game play will hardly be a departure from its incredible origins.  Check after the gap for more info!

Here is TMA’s review of Alice in Bomberland.

Sonic BOOM, Alice in Bomberland, 1.99$, 9.7 MB
Alice in Bomberland

Tidbits from Alice’s Creators:
In Alice in Bomberland you will help Alice collect her pages (which scores you points) as you go through Bomberland. Each level has a certain number of points and when you reach that score, you move on to the next level. As you move on you’ll unlock new types of levels, more story, new powerups, and new characters and artwork.

  • From the designer/programmer of the hit game iPhone/iPod Touch game Topple, and the visual artist from Braid
  • Based on Lewis Carroll’s classic stories Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass, featuring famous quotes, poems and more
  • Unlockable content including developer commentary and endless mode
  • Original illustrations by acclaimed children’s book illustrator Mark Meyers
  • 8 different gameplay modes, 6 stages for each character, and a total of 48 levels
  • Featuring an 11 song soundtrack

Sonic BOOM will also have a dedicated site up soon with lots of information about gameplay, a few tips, and other fans such as yourself. When it is up, look here for a little more.

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