Dahon’s iPhone Bike Mount and Biologic Reecharge

In the last couple of weeks, I have been bothered by no fewer than 14 people at my bike clubs who are looking for a good GPS for their bicycle. While a dedicated GPS unit might be okay, my eyes have been peeled for a way to safely use the iPhone as a GPS. Dahon, it seems, are a few steps ahead of me. Firstly, the iPhone’s excellent screen should make a great navigation device for bicycles, but as many of us roadies know, it gets wet out there. Fortunately, Dahon have kept the elements in mind when designing their products.

Dahon’s Bike Mount turns any iPhone 3G (or later) into a bicycle ready GPS by latching either onto the handlebars or headset as many lamps and cyclometres already do. It also swivels for portrait or landscape views, and best of all, is waterproof. Dahon’s Bike Mount also keeps the camera lens clear for photos and videos of your trip.

Since the iPhone’s internal battery won’t last as long as you will, Dahon have created a recharging device which uses the most basic of power sources: you. Biologic Reecharge draws power from dynamo hubs to power devices such as iPods, mobile phones, and GPS units and should be able to keep you talking, and out of the bushes all day.

News-Bike-DahonReechargeCombine these accessories with the Cy-Fi wireless speakers (look for TMA’s review soon) for a jolly good ride.

According to Dahon, the Reecharge is able to recharge an iPhone in under 3 hours. It will come preinstalled on Dahon’s Ios XL and Speed TR bicycles, and available as a third-party purchase for 79€, or 99$ in March 2010. Bike Mount is expected to breach the market at 60$.

Full press release for Dahon’s Biologic Reecharge.

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