Silent Swords in Review – Don’t let this one sneak by


Stealth game. To some, those two words mean a world of suspense, where every move contributes to your destiny. Will you get caught, or will you persevere? To others, those words mean slow, boring action, coupled with endless trial and error. Fortunately, I fall into the first group, so when Silent Swords hit the App Store, I was all over it like Oprah on a cupcake*.

I love stealth games, but they’ve gotta be exciting. Games where you sit around spying on someone for a half hour to gather information before making your move just don’t work for me — I want to lurk in the shadows, covering my tracks whilst attending to my work.

And when I first launched Silent Swords, I’ve gotta say, I was pretty skeptical. I was hyped about this game prior to release, but when playing, I felt that my expectations where too high. Silent Swords really is a slow-paced game. Luckily, as I advanced through stages, things started moving a little faster, became more intense, and got harder.


The objective of Silent Swords is simple: you are a ninja who is being held prisoner in electrically charged prison of sorts. Luckily for you, a rat gave its life by biting through some wires, effectively shutting down the electricity and letting you escape into the night. You then spend your time moving from room to room, killing and looting as you escape.

There is a lot of jumping in Silent Swords. You’ll be jumping from platform to platform, avoiding lights and staying in the shadows. You’ve gotta finish off guards to pick up keys that open the doors.


Guards can only see you when you’re under a light. If they’re a on a different floor, they won’t be able to see you no matter what, so don’t worry about the guards unless you are on the same platform in the same line of sight.

When you get close enough to slice and dice a guard, a character will pop up on the screen that you have to trace with your finger. If a guard is under a light, there’s no way you can slice him up with your swords — you’ll have to use a throwing star. Because, even if they’ve got their backs turned, somehow, he will detect you. So, basically, you either wait until he moves out of the light, or, if they refuse to budge, land a star in his head.

Some things which lie on the ground are there to help you, like the barrel in which you can use to sneak up on guards. Other things, like lasers and mines are bad – you have to say away. But again, remember to stay out of the lights!

Put all these elements together, and you’ve got a very functional, balanced, and fun stealth title for your iDevice that makes you think about every move. Unfortunately, there is one thing that bugs me: shaking to jump. You’ve gotta shake your iDevice every time you want your little ninja to hop. You can modify the sensitivity, so that you don’t have to shake as much, but there’s still no option to just have a button which would be must less annoying.


Other than that, for $3, you can’t go wrong, so long as you’re into sneaking around.


App Summary
Title: Silent Swords (v1.0) Developer: Oniric Games
Price: $2.99 App Size: 19.1 MB
  • Fun graphics
  • Balanced gameplay
  • Lots of gameplay elements that keep it fresh
  • Neat gestures for making your kill
  • Gets really tough
  • Shake to jump with no other option


This review of Silent Sword was brought to you by TouchMyApps contributor Connor Coghlan. You can find him via his twitter account @Condawg

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