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Hola folks! As part of my vacation review I’m going to cover a little app that’s actually more word related. Figures, right? Anyway, back at work, there is this shifty department called Sales. No one actually knows what they do all day since usually the opportunities are passed down from the customers directly to us, but nevertheless, Sales exists. And tracking opportunities to sell something completely unusable to those poor blokes out there should be THEIR responsibility.

Why am I boring you with all of this? Well, it’s because today’s victim is a little program called Sales CRM EZi designed to help those guys in Sales keep track of their opportunities. Since I do everything (don’t we all?) including tracking customer opportunities I decided to take it out for a spin.

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Just like most business related apps, the Sales CRM user interface is no-nonsense, but informative and easy to use. The opportunities can be sorted by Dates or Contact name and you can also see your History of archived opportunities as well as Dashboards for a brief overview of where you are in regards to your monthly sales targets.

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EZi Phone Apps have done the best they could to simplify opportunity editing. Sales CRM remembers all names, contacts and companies which makes the entry and editing of new items fast. You can describe opportunities using a comprehensive number of fields including Title, Contact name, Competitor, Start and Close dates, Action and related date, several sales figures, and problems, solutions, memos, etc.. The contact and company fields can be entered manually or pulled from your iPhone’s address book. Status can be a preset which is noted with relative completed percentage. It should be noted that the currency of a sales opportunity is not supported in the app, meaning it only gives a numerical amount without reference to currency.

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Sales CRM tracks the amounts of all opportunities and gives aggregated statistics in the dashboards including probable sales and possible sales among others. The monthly target is indicated by a red line on the dashboard.

review-business-salescrm-contact review-business-salescrm-company

Overall, Sales CRM EZi does what it’s advertised to do but has one major flaw. There is NO sync with any desktop app and NO way to export data. To me it immediately sets the value of it to zero since I can’t imagine anyone wanting to waste the effort to track opportunities manually in two different systems.

In the end if you DO want to track opportunities only on the iPhone, currently the Sales CRM EZi is your best bet. Though with the top-heavy price of $9.99, you could just buy Quickoffice and use Quicksheets with little loss of usability.


App Summary
Title: Sales CRM EZi (v1.2) Developer: EZi Phone Apps
Price: $9.99 App Size: 0.4 MB
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Address book integration
  • No desktop sync or export
  • No support for multiple currencies
  • Too pricey


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