Bose SounDock 10 – Shooting for the Zeppelin


Bose has made a few great alarm docks for the iPod since the dawn of the dock port. Now, years later, and with growing competition, they are engaging afterburners by offering a top-tier system for the iPod. The SounDock 10 features a newly designed woofer whose main attraction is a larger magnet which Bose claim will deliver “stronger low notes you’ll notice right away” and good claims that the iPod dock will rival bigger, more expensive systems.

Against the B&W Zeppelin, the SounDock 10 is priced for competition. The two have different aims and features though; Bose’ dock lacks the optical in of the Zeppelin, but both supply Video out and Auxiliary inputs in order to use the speakers from literally any source.

And, at 600$ a piece, your choice of B&W or Bose has as much a chance to be determined by brand loyalty as it has to do with function.

For all pertinent SounDock 10 information, check out Bose’ page.

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