Apple, other Music eTailers to be charged for advertising

Give in and this logo too, technically will be illegal

Don’t whistle, don’t sing along with friends. By all means, forget friday night karaoke if you want to avoid tariffs from the record indu$try. The ASCAP (pronounced “ass cap” – American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) and BMI, are looking for a little more action from everyone, even those like Apple, who advertise their music. I’ll admit it – I purchase iTunes content about once per month and rent a movie nearly every week from Apple. More than anything else, song previews help me suss out the albums I want and are free advertising for musicians and record labels. What better way to sell content? Ass cap, it would seem, don’t subscribe to that logic and want to charge Apple for the previews which in turn, will show up in price increases per song and album, effectively killing legit online purchases for many people.

[via CNET]
  • Jim

    selling MP3s is a crime and a cheat imho. You’re buying NOTHING for a price of a CD…

  • Indeed! I don’t know in the USA (if that is where you are from), but in Canada, iTunes AAC files are about half, sometimes more than half the price of the CD, but usually much cheaper than getting into the bus or car, going to a CD shop, not finding the CD and then going elsewhere.

    If, however, prices are raised, there will be no point to buy AAC files anymore, or FLAC in certain cases, but at the same time, who will want to go to the CD shoppe? Record Industry is shooting their own foot and will lose badly this game – maybe to the effect that their business will crumble. They are too well-construed with the law, legal, hard and not about service and product anymore.

  • ErichD

    At the same itme as ASCAP and RIAA are attempting to charge money for 30 second samples of music, they are also attempting to charge radio stations a fee for promoting their music.

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