Onkyo ND-S1 – World’s first PC/iPod combo Digital transport


Onkyo will debut a new transport system, the ND-S1, which will join the thin ranks of audio components which harness the digital output signal from an iPod. But Onkyo’s system has an ace up its sleeve: it also the first digital iPod dock transport to spit out a digital audio stream from a PC when connected via USB.

Price is yet undecided, but knowing Onkyo’s penchant for mid-high price tags, the dock could go for anywhere from 200-500$. For those with a nice HiFi set and Digital to Analogue Converter, this unit will transform a simple iPod into the centre of a high quality audio system. The advantage of this sort of setup is that the digital music stored in the iPod will be available for unadulterated playback of its original signal without interference from the iPod’s inferior internal analogue converter.

It will go on sale sometime this autumn and be fully compatible with the following iPod models:

iPod touch(1stgeneration)
iPod touch(2ndgeneration)
iPod classic
iPod nano(4th generation)
iPod nano(3rd generation)
iPodnano(2nd generation)

These models will have support for playback, but navigation via the touch-pad isn’t possible. That means that in order to change tracks or albums, you will need to take the iPod from Onkyo’s dock, manually change tracks or albums, then replace the iPod in the dock. These models also don’t support video or slideshows.

iPod(5th generation)
iPod nano(1st generation)

For more information, Please check out Onkyo’s Japanese press release PDF.

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