iTwinge iPhone Keyboard – training wheels for the iPhone


Hang in till November this year if you are waiting to BlackBerry-ise your iPhone. Yes, you too can have buttons on your touchscreen, thanks to iTwinge, a removable keyboard ‘skin’ for your iPhone. The company behind the iTwinge, Mobile Mechatronics, promise that the keyboard and a bit of muscle memory will reduce errors by up to 80% for heavy texters and emailers who suffer from too much backspacing.

For the flat thumber, the iTwinge may add extra agility to texts and a new lease to emailing and those with long fingernails may also find the iTwinge transforms their iPhone into a usable machine. For the BlackBerry user, consider it training wheels for the iPhone.

Despite the fact that half of the screen disappears whilst using the iTwinge, regular iPhone users shouldn’t be upset unless they attack SMS and texts in only short bursts, causing constnat removal of the skin. My only concern is with how constant removal will effect the back of a shiny iPhone or iPod touch.

The iTwinge doesn’t need software to use, but Mobile Mechatronics are awaiting Apple’s approval for a typing 1001 app which will help users gain muscle memory in order to use their iTwinge more effectively.

The iTwinge will go for 29.99$ USD and begin shipment on 19 November.
For more information, visit Mechatronics iTwinge website.

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