How to make your own iPhone dock


Tired of those $50+ docks those big companies sell? Want to show off your “jesus” phone in style? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Following these simple instructions you can build a dock with your very own hands in just 10 minutes or less! All you need is this PDF template. Then you can decorate it to your heart’s desire and be a proud owner of a one in a kind stand for everyone’s dream phone. And note that the dock is perfectly eco-friendly which is also very import in this age. I’m not even talking about the immense satisfaction you get when you build something of your very own. So, go ahead, you Jack of all trades, you!

And let those companies trying to milk the zillions of $$$ from us weep pathetically in the corner. One step closer to global domination! Mua-ha-ha!

Please note that you should use a good 220-270 g/m sheet of paper to have the best result. It isn’t strong enough with regular office/thin paper.

Disclaimer: TMA is not liable for any damage to your iPhone resulting from using this dock.

Iphone Paper Dock / Stand from Dessine moi un objet on Vimeo.


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