Fetish without the stigma – Apple are hot for Koreans



A new app has raced into the App Store, driven by the famous race girl herself, Gyu-Ri Lee. Yup, she is a race-girl; you know, the type who at races waves the bits of cloth that should be covering her bits. The App Store has endured a virtual rainbow of borderline apps and currently, rushes to bolster its line by providing the discriminating pervert racially segregated fetish software. K-Girls is a suite of apps which retail for 1.99$ and caters to the bloke (or bloket) who cannot get enough of cute, pocketable Korean girls. By the way, she has 3 friends at the App Store.

TrueMobile Inc., K-Girls Gyu-Ri Lee, 1.99$, 21.6 MB
K-Girls(Gyu-Ri Lee)

Apple are constantly re-envisioning ways to cater to audiences all over the globe, yet maintain cute innocence in the face of subverted marketing practices. While their stance on pornography hasn’t changed (much) since the opening of the App Store, it is certainly throttling into new gears. If ‘real’, XXX pornography apps are wrong according to Apple’s unerring eyes, racial segregated fetish software is a kosher development in this Americanising globalising world.

When we reported on the first shameless soft-core porn, Pocket Girls, an app which exhibits Korean office girls in strange, often compromising positions, it wasn’t the app so much as the age requirement which surprised us. To Apple, spread-eagle, shower, and bed pictures are perfectly okay for a 12-year-old.


There's even a soft-core porn app for the 12 year old

Despite virtually supplying young kids with their first wet-dream, Apple have chosen to ignore the adult element: users who access pornography on their iPhones or Mac computers. Morals stances aside, Apple’s iPhone is a safe environment for p-addicts to entertain their desires with less risk of encountering phishing and malicious software. A boxed iPhone porn app has the potential to batten down porn’s leaky hatches.

But until Apple finds a happy medium; until they can firmly say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to pornography and related apps, the App Store will remain ambiguously susceptible to borderline apps and development houses – Apple will not remain in control of what goes in and out of its doors.

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