PocketMoney in review – A penny saved is a penny earned! + 2 Promo Codes!


Hola, folks! Tracking your money in general, and cash in particular is tough. It simply flies away and before you can blink your eyes, you’re stuck with an empty wallet and 2 weeks until your next paycheque. Especially on vacations! And desktops apps are usually no good since when you finally get to one, you can hardly remember how much you spent and where you spend it! I am only precise to about 50$ from of total output per week. And vacation time is always a financial nightmare!

Well, your troubles are over, PocketMoney springs to the rescue! Now you can enter your transactions as they happen (ok, maybe doing this at a disco would NOT be such a good idea) and not have to sort out dozens of bills and cheques later, or try to remember where those missing 100$ went. What’s more, you can even export the data to your computer in one of 3 universally supported formats! How’s that for a money-saving app?

pocketmoney-accounts pocketmoney-filter

First of all, I would start with the interface. It is extremely simple and straightforward (a problem I had with some of the other expense tracking apps on the market). You create one or more accounts, set the currency, and then ready to roll. Whenever you need to enter a new transaction, just fire up the app, open the account (the last open window is remembered), press the button and fill 2 fields, and then toss on a category (if you feel like it). PocketMoney remembers transactions and offers to autocomplete them for you (which makes the day-to-day entry of data a 10-second task). You can also set up filters if you need additional view tuning. If you’re looking for that one transaction in the list of a couple of hundred, a handy search function is available from the transaction screen.

pocketmoney-new_transaction pocketmoney-payee

Speaking of transactions, they are defined using a plentiful number of field categories, though only the date, account, payee and amount are mandatory. The payee can be entered manually, or selected from the iPhone address book. Also worth mentioning are the following fields: category, class, and memo which help store additional information for sorting and just remembering. Transactions are assigned categories which helps with the syncing and split categories transactions are also supported. If you need to track stuff like bills, PocketMoney features repeating transactions. PocketMoney supports multiple currencies and languages. Even more, the exchange rates are updated automatically over the web (you’ve got to have internet access naturally).

For all transactions and account types, reports can be made for almost any field (category, class, account, payee, etc.). Reports themselves are quickly generated, though if you want something more fancy than the regular spreadsheet, the app requires an internet connection in order to utilise Google’s Chart API to make make charts.

pocketmoney-budget pocketmoney-category_pie

For all you big overspenders, a budget feature also makes the cut. It allows you to enter set amounts per category at any time in order to check at a glance whether you should rethink that fur coat purchase.


But where PocketMoney really shines is its export/import feature set. You can send registers via e-mail in either QIF, TDF or CSV formats. Mind you, registers are actually sent in an email’s main text, not as attachments, so you have to manually save to a text file and rename accordingly. If that’s too much of a hassle for you, you can simply use the free java desktop app, SyncDocs, provided by PocketMoney’s developer, Catamount Software. It allows you to export info directly to the desktop over Wi-Fi in the same format. Using the same SyncDocs app, you can send registers in the same formats plus OFX formatted files back to the iPhone. Apart from using this to sync with the desktop app, you can also use it to import statements from banks.


PocketMoney is an excellent way to keep track of cash transactions, and later sync them to the desktop. And currently, I feel that this is not just the best, but the only app capable of serious finance tracking. Apart from the easy-to-use no-nonsense interface, transactions can be entered in just a few, short steps.

In summary, unless Microsoft goes to the AppStore with their own financing app to complement their excellent desktop solutions, this is only way to travel! PocketMoney is lightning fast and easy to use, and has unrivalled export/import capabilities. And while it may not have the rich and fancy interface of many other finance apps, it makes up for it in other ways. One thing I would also like to note is its excellent developer support. So, hasta la vista and keep saving money to buy more apps!


App Summary
Title: PocketMoney (v2.4) Developer: Catamount Software
Price: $4.99 App Size: 1.3 MB
  • Fast interface
  • Quick entry of transaction
  • Export and Import in a variety of formats
  • Multiple currencies and accounts
  • The interface could use just that little bit of polish
  • No direct sync to desktops app


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