iPod touch 3G VS iPhone 3GS – trial of speed

iLounge posted a brilliantly unscientific test comparing the 3GS, 3G, Touch 2G and the new one – a test which moves me from the belly up. And, it should you too. Of course exempt is the new 8GB model which is a brilliant marketing rehash of last years model, though it lacks a few $$$ of unneeded weight. The verdict (as you will notice on the videos) is that the Touch 3G is faster than any other iDevice platform, even if by mere seconds.

It is a great stroke of good and bad news for iDevice fans, ergo the same for gamers. A faster version of the platform means again, certain games titles will run well and others not so well on older hardware. Web rendering too, is faster and overall, the refreshed platform is simply, ‘snappier’.

But again, App Store users and developers will increasingly find a fragmented market where certain apps run snappily and others crappily.

[via iLounge]

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