ChiPhone – the biggest news around the world – again


Ranked ‘third the nerd’ in landsize, China isn’t about to be outdone when kicking up a media storm – especially when regarding the iPhone, a product of the world’s fourth largest country, the USA. Japan, USA, a few others, and now Canada – the world is awake, with arms stretched up, praying for the salvation of Chinese souls as the divine Jesus phone divinely descends upon the world’s oldest and largest civilisation.

It hasn’t yet, but the current deal has China Unicom, the country’s second largest ( government-sponsored) carrier ushering salvation to Chinese souls, while the world’s behemoth, China Mobile, is apparently still in talks with Apple. Fortunately for the greater part of China, the Unicom deal isn’t exclusive.

The Chinese handphone market is larger than many nations’ populations, rabidly competitive, an expectant. Apple and China Mobile are in the second round of talks concerning what would be the biggest deal the iPhone has been strung up by.

But being Jesus ain’t all rock ‘n roll – at least, not in China. In order to fit snugly into the hands of a projected ~140 Million of China Mobile’s customers, the iPhone would have to undergo a nearly invisible Korean-style nip and tuck. China Mobile’s 3G service doesn’t rely on traditional international standards; rather it utilises TDーSCDMA – a hardware offshoot which may cause trouble for the non-conformist American yuppany company.

[via Yomiuri]

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