iPorn for the iPhone – Hint hint, wink wink, say no more

Controversy by the carriage full!

Controversy by the carriage full!

Apple execs will have their hands full when iPorn’s casually clad team — a professionally assertive group of five  — leg its way up to Apple HQ. The team have made the pilgrimage before, but Apple, staunch to the end, have until now maintained an aloof footing when regarding pornography on the iPhone.

While Apple’s mobile platform is innately hard to infect, Apple would rather users surf the ‘real internet’ in order to access porn – certainly a more dangerous routine. iPorn will be toyed with on the iPhone one way or another, but Apple’s official approval would push both the platform and its profits further into the black. Porn is, the biggest industry on any computing platform and Apple would be silly to ignore its presence on the iDevice.

Apple have made more than one spill: Check My Hottie (RIP), an app which allowed users to post pornographic images of both adults AND children went unchecked for a few days till Apple’s banhammer came down. The current balance is precariously stacked against iPorn, but its skilled debate team (pictured above and below) are unlikely to finish last in any encounter as long as they can squirm into Apple’s stuffy offices in a few weeks.

If it isn’t pornography, it will be another applicatioin which moves the line further away from Apple’s tight control. Censorship at app level has been a violent conflict since the App Store’s infant days, involving subversive apps such as alternatives to Safari and Mail. Eventually, Apple will have to make a move to shake its wishy-washy terms as business continues to grow.

In the meantime, I stand by my assertion that pornographic apps need to be allowed at the App Store if for no other reason than protecting users from often harmful websites, phishing, and malignant software: Nerd Porn – Protection is everything.

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