Com2uS Aiming for October with Sniper VS Sniper


Korean gaming house, Com2uS are within striking distance of an October release of their shooter title, Sniper VS Sniper (SVS). While not as indelibly political as Spy VS Spy, the new shooter’s violence should satisfy trigger-happy fans and offer a few great twists to the genre. SVS promises plenty of action, but more than that, a melange of game play which spans the gamut of genres from shooter to MMO. One of Sniper VS Sniper’s most anticipated features is online play where players will take sides in alliance-style play. The game has been released, grab it below and feel free to read our review of Sniper Vs Sniper.

Com2uS, Sniper Vs. Sniper, 4.99$ 43.4 MB
Sniper Vs Sniper: Online

For the record, this is the same Com2uS who supplied have provided App Store hits with addicting the following addicting titles: Baseball Slugger and Trapped: Undead Infection. More pics and video below:

Press Literature

• Online matchup mode by wi-fi network
• iPhone/ iPod Touch optimized controls (motion accelerometer)
• Online Match up: Go head to head against other players from all around the world.
• Alliance Attack: Work together with other snipers to hunt down terrorist groups
• World Ranking: Improve your rank and become the best Sniper in the world
• Chat with other players: Chat with other snipers from other countries
• Upgrade Weaponry: Increase your accuracy by earning 6 special items

• Single player: Choose between 1 vs. 1 or campaign mode to fulfill 6 missions
• Special Mission: Complete up to 30 missions to upgrade your equipment
• High quality stages: 5 detailed stages to battle in Match up mode
• Friend’s List: Add up to 20 friends (or enemies) to battle against them online
• Accelerometer: Tilt to aim and tap to shoot controls

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