JotNot in Review – Digitizing Your daily Documents Diligently


A little while ago I reviewed an app called DocScanner. Although I liked the idea of the app, I was less than impressed with the quality and control of the output. Today I had the pleasure of reviewing a competing product named JotNot from developers MobiTech 3000. Rather than do a side by side comparison I decided to review this app on its own merits and let you decide how you feel in the end.

The basic premise of JotNot is to aid in digitizing your paper documents and images. Rather than having to use bulky equipment, MobiTech has put the same power of your scanner into the palm of your hand.

On launch you notice right away how simple the devs have tried to make the app. Your options are to take a picture or pull one from your albums. Also available right up front is access to the settings area where you can see all the features the app has to offer as well as some “About” and “How To” tips.

Looking at the enhancement options I was surprised to see 5 different presets. Again another way they keep this app simple for any user. However if simple is not for you, scrolling down displays all the various areas that you can tweak to better effect the image/document you are trying to capture.

jot-not-review2 jot-not-review3

Jumping back to the main screen for now I attempted to capture a document. Centering the paper on screen you should try to allow for a bit of space around the edges for capture. After you capture the image you are shown a preview and if you like what you see, select “Use” and JotNot will begin to process your image.


First you must crop the image. You can set specific page sizes if you know the dimensions of what you are trying to scan or you can set it to auto and allow the app to find what it thinks are the edges. From there you can move and adjust each corner to get as precise a capture as you want. Although the app didn’t find the actual edges of my document I was pleasantly surprised when I went to edit the edges and found the app zooming in so that I could get as close as possible.

jot-not-review5 jot-not-review6

After you have cropped your image select the gear icon on the opposite side and you are brought to the “Enhancement” page. All those presets and various editing options that are shown in the main options page are all visible here as well. I definitely appreciated having all those presets as I (and I’m sure many others) are not exactly pros when it comes to finding perfect balance between contrast/color/brightness/etc. Although as I said before, if you DO want to have more manual control over the images, those options can be found in the Enhancement Options area (below).

jot-not-review7 jot-not-review8

Now that you’ve cropped and edited your scan, simply tap process and it’s all put together for you. Here was another area that I was surprised at the amount of options available. The ability to save or email were expected and present. Although they were not together which at first was a little confusing. If you do want to email thats easy enough. There’s the little envelope icon to do so. To save however you actually have to press “Done” and are then shown the save options. You can email in pdf, png and jpg, though only save in pdf and jpg formats.

The 3rd option that was available in the settings page is the ability to send the document to your Evernote account. Although I do not have an account myself, I am familiar with it and can see the benefit of making your documents available any time from any computer or compatible device.

The last way to access your files is through Wi-Fi (only for saved PDF’s). From the options menu you turn on ‘Activate Wi-Fi Server’ and a message box pops up with the access info for your device. Pointing your desktop browser to the appropriate url, you are presented with a list of all the PDFs you have saved within the app. You can also do a bit of house cleaning by deleting the ones you no longer need. I really liked this feature; it’s faster than emailing it to your computer, plus you have the option of deleting it when you are done. As well, the Wi-Fi access is only active as long as you have it turned on within the app. This way nobody can unknowingly download your PDF’s.

jot-not-review9 jot-not-review10

Although JotNot is a really simple app, I definitely enjoyed using it and can see its usefulness. Yes you can just use your built in camera app to capture images, and yes there are apps available to edit images but why use 2 apps when you can get all those features and more in 1. Also, in the business world you look a lot less professional sending a jpg of a document rather than a PDF. As I’ve said before with similar utility/productivity apps, this app may not necessarily be for everyone. However, those that would use JotNot will find its simple design, mixed with all its features, options and solid performance to satisfy your scanner needs.

If you want to learn/see more for yourself, there is also have a “Lite” option available for free. It stays a few versions behind the full app, so there may not be all features available but should provide you with enough to see if it is the app for you.


App Summary
Title: JotNot (v1.3) Developer: MobiTech 3000
Price: $4.99 App Size: 1.6 MB
  • Simple Interface
  • Plenty of enhancement options
  • Save as various file types
  • Evernote integration
  • Not enough “color” preset enhancements
  • Menus could be organized better


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