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I know who you are. You are one of two people. Person number one has an unjailbroken iPhone and really despises the included Stock and Weather apps. He wishes to jailbreak his sacred device, but cherishes it too much to place the warranty at risk. So, how does he deal with apps that he never uses and cannot hide or remove? Well, he just leaves them on the last page of his iPhone/iPod Touch, thinking that he could forget about them forever. Think again. Person number two, on the other hand, has jailbroken it and is really happy he did so because now with SBSettings installed, he can hide the unwanted Voice Recorder app. After hiding those nasty preinstalled apps, you replaced them with better alternatives. Right? Don’t fret. Regardless of which person you are, the applications you will see in this post will make you wonder why Apple didn’t include these instead when they shipped the iDevice.

See ya later, Weather App!

weather-stock-replaceWhy does it suck? Even if you never even check the weather reports, Apple decided that you should by including this lacking weather app. If you can’t remove it in the first place, why must it be bad enough to make you hate it? With a simple icon to indicate the weather and a number representing the temperature, the only sophisticated part about this app is the day high and low temperatures.

Try this instead:

the-weather-channel-stockThe Weather Channel – Packed with features including hourly/36 hour/10 day forecasts, severe weatherTWC alerts and weather maps, this app is far better than that wimpy weather app that refuses to leave. The weather reports are very detailed, covering areas such as humidity, wind and expected time of sunset and sunrise. If you enjoy the free app so much, go ahead and check out the paid version.

The Weather Channel Interactive, The Weather Channel, Free, 5,2 MB
The Weather Channel®

It’s over between us, Stock App

stocks-stock-replaceWhy does it suck? I must admit. The stock app is not as feature-less as the weather app. But with a number of vastly-superior stock apps available for free at the App Store, why stick with this one? Furthermore, if you own stocks, this app must go. Lacking enough comprehensive content, Stocks is not for those who expect to make money from the stock market. Worst crime of all, news reports are redirected to Safari where you must suffer tediously zooming in and out to read.

Try this instead:

daily-finance-screenshot1DailyFinance – With greater access to the information you want to know about, DailyFinance is the must-have tool for investors. Track your stock portfolio, see the daily market movers, and never again be directed to Safari when opening up a news article.

AOL, DailyFinance, Free, 1.1 MB

You’re just not fun at all, Contacts App

contacts-stock-replaceWhy does it suck? Just like with the Stocks app, Contacts is not necessarily bad but it lacks punch in comparison with many alternatives available at the App Store. The main reason I dislike Contacts is because of how difficult it is to group people into separate categories. Similarly, it’s not possible to assign someone to a group other than as a friend. If you desire a simple list of your friends/family’s contact info, then stick with this app. Otherwise, check out this nice alternative.

Try this instead:

fast-contacts1Fast Contacts – If there was a single flaw to this great app, it is that it really doesn’t deserve its self-endowed title offast contacts “fast.” A more suitable title would be something along the lines of “Contacts on Steroids”. Filled to the brim with features, Fast Contacts lets you stay on top of birthdays and other upcoming events, view your contacts in cover flow, and organize your friends and family by location, state, school, etc.

SpiceLoop, Fact Contacts, $0.99 (sale), 0.5 MB
? Fast Contacts - ON SALE

Didn’t you get my note? I can’t be with you anymore

notes-stock-replaceWhy does it suck? – Notes is like the average Joe amongst alliPhone/ iPod applications. He follows an unspectacular daily routine, holds an average salary working as an accountant and his kids go to average schools achieving average grades. Celebrityhood and massive riches is likely not around the corner for Notes anytime.

Try this instead:

backtoschool-awesomenotesAwesome Note [our review]– With this app, your notes have never looked so damn sexy. Theme-styling, categorization of your notes, font and font size changes are just a few of the many awesome features that this app has to offer. A recent update to the app brings even more goodies to the table, including password protection, ability to sync with Google Notes, a search function and more. Using Awesome Note, you’ll be taking notes like never before!

BRID, Awesome Note, $3.99, 5.4 MB
Awesome Note

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