iPod Nano – Star of Rock ‘n Roll Event – iPod touch gets cold shoulder


The iPod touch camera rumours couldn’t have been more dismally incorrect; the iPod touch was skipped over unless a meagre memory upgrade is big news. The real news is that the iPod Nano will sport a video camera and microphone for the budding mini photographer/videographer. And for the poor sod who just wants to wake up with a somewhat proper alarm clock, a speaker. Rumours seemed to have missed a great feature however all together: FM radio. Yes, the new Nano is sure to be a juggernaut among ultra portable players thanks to possibilities afforded by a video camera and FM radio.

This is the news that broke the camel’s back. The Nano is a great little machine for on the go. Sadly, the new touches are pretty much the same except as of yet unconfirmed CPU/GPU changes. All iPods suffered through a boatload of announcements today, most to do with meagre storage bumps and are available at the following prices:

iPod Nano: 149$ 8GB 179$ 16GB

iPod touch: 199$ 8GB, 299$ 32GB, 399$ 64GB – 16GB might be gone

iPod Shuffle: 59$ 2GB, $79 4GB; $99 = new special stainless steel version at 4GB

iPod Classic: 249$ 160GB

Thanks Arstechnica again for your great live coverage of Apple Events.

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