Boggle in Review – Classic Word Search Brought To Your iDevice


Lately, EA and Hasbro have been enjoying lots of success bringing some of the most popular board games to the iPlatform. Their latest partnership sees one of the most popular words game finally making its way to your iDevice.

Bringing this game to the iDevice, EA did an amazing job in capturing its fun and addictive nature. The game design is bright and colourful, providing all sorts of eye candy while you play. The amazing game style is ready from the moment you launch and are brought to the main screen. All the menu and option screens are vibrant in colour and continue the theme of Boggle right down to the customized dice representing the menu options.

There are 4 types of game play available. Challenge Mode, Advanced, Self Score and Classic. In case you are a fan of Boggle, Classic is the closest to the original. To start the game you give your device a shake and once the dice land you have 3 minutes to come up with as many 3 or more letter words as you can.


To create a word, simply tap or drag your finger from the first letter of the word to the last. While doing so, you’ll notice that the first letter you touch will have a red circle and the last letter will be marked in green. To enter the word, just double tap the last letter of the word. If you would like to cancel your word, simply tap the first letter. If however, you are halfway through a word and want to change it, or maybe you picked a wrong letter, simply tap the last letter in the sequence and all letters after that will be de-selected.

A neat feature is packed into the game is the ability to move the board. Usually, you sit in your spot and get a specific view of the board in front of you. In this game they have allowed you to rotate all the dice on the board so that you can look at it as tho you were sitting at different seats around the board. To move your spot, just place 2 fingers on the dice, rotate to the left or right and all the dice will move and reposition themselves. This is a really handy feature for helping you try and get those extra few words that you may have missed before.


At the end of the round, your score comes up. This is the part that makes even the smartest of people feel stupid. On the right is a list of all the available words based on the board configuration. Highlighted in green are the the words you managed to guess. Don’t be too embarrassed by the large number of words that you missed (and trust me, there will be many, lol).


Advanced mode is basically the same, but with a few additions. First off, you can control the time limit. You can have anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes instead of the standard 3. You also can activate 2 new features: Panic Flip and Portal Cubes. Portal Cubes will take the first and last letters of your words and swap them, making for a more intense game. Not only are you trying to create words, but you also have to take into account how making a word and the inevitable swapping of letters afterwards can effect any other words you were thinking about. Panic Flip is probably my favorite feature of the game. When there are 20 seconds left in the game, Panic Flip changes the entire board configuration. This can either help by showing new word possibilities, or end up totally screwing you over by ruining the words that you finally “got”.

As for multi-player, they have 2 options available to you. The first is the Challenge mode. When playing Classic mode, you have the option to “Challenge A Friend”. Doing so will pop open the email app and attach your latest score as well as a link to the game into the body of a message that you can then send a tongue-wagging brag to a friend.

Upon receiving the email, your friends (who own an iDevice) will be launched right into the game (provided they have it) and a message which displays how many points and how many words they have to beat. Personally I would have preferred the more typical pass and play style of multi-player, but this option is still enjoyable.


The other way you could technically play with more than one person is the Self Score option. Here, all you have is the board and the timer – it’s up to you to keep track of your words and decide on points (on pen and paper obviously). This in a multi-player environment did simulate the old style of boggle play with the board in the middle and people all around.

If at any time you need help, there is info on all game modes available from the help menu. Also, in the achievements menu are stats on pretty much every aspect of the game. Everything you wanted to know about how you are doing in the game as well as some interesting stats like your most used letters or which control you prefer (tap vs. drag). They really went all out for this and I was really impressed with how much info they managed to get out of the game. I was also surprised to find out after pausing the game that like we’ve seen in other apps, you can add music from your ipod to listen to as you play.

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Overall, I am impressed with by Boggle. It is by no means an extravagant game, but fans of the original board game are sure to enjoy this well put-together re-creation of the great family game. With great controls and excellent value for the money, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is a fan of word puzzles.


App Summary
Title: Boggle (Version 1.0.0) Developer: Electronic Arts
Price: $2.99 App Size: 9.6 MB
  • Amazing design
  • Extremely addictive
  • Multiple new game modes
  • Boggle! on the iPhone!
  • No built in multi-player


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