Welcome to the Social – Spotify preempts iTunes

As long as you have internet, you have music. While not Spotify’s mantra, it seems a reasonable motto for the ground-breaking music service. Today in simultaneous releases, Spotify hit both the App Store and Android’s Marketplace. This isn’t just another music front-end, nor a normal piece of news. Spotify can literally replace iTunes for the casual listener. The service currently only services the the Viking countries, their formally pillaged lands (i.e. UK), Spain, Finland, and France.

Spotify, Spotify, 0€ (UK Link)

Update: The iPhone version does may not support the advert-supported service.

There are two versions available: subscription, which costs 9.99 €; and an advert-supported service which is free. Spotify has licensed the music and pays artists from either advertisements, or from subscription fees. Part of me can’t stop hoping that stodgy record-companies get off the thumb-tacks and support forward-thinking options like this. When this service comes to Canadian shores, I will be signing up for a premium account.

Users cannot transfer the music to their computers (which would defeat the purpose of the app), but can create playlists which are saved for offline listening. Finally, for the weary, the app supports WiFi, 3G and 2,5G networks – you just have to watch your data consumption!

To learn more about the service, head over to Spotify’s mobile page. You can also see when or if the service has been launched in your country at Spotify’s Why Not Available page.

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