MyFantasyTeams Professional Edition in Review – Fantasy Sports Lovers Rejoice!

myfantasyteams-pro1MyFantasyTeams will definitely not please the WAFS, aka Women Against Fantasy Sports, but it will sure look like candy in the eyes of fantasy sports lovers. For those with a Yahoo! fantasy sports team, you’re in luck. Now you can track your beloved team(s) on your iPhone and iPod Touch wherever you are throughout the season, whether it be in baseball, football, basketball or practically any other professional sport.


App Features

  • Access to NFL Football, MLB Baseball, NHL Hockey and NBA Basketball pools (including Plus editions)
  • Supports Head-to-Head and Rotisserie style poolsAbility to manage your roster, moving players from active to the bench and vice versa
  • Ability to view your team’s performance for any day of the year or for last week, last month, the current or previous season
  • Ability to track your team’s progression up your pool’s standings
  • Ability to view Head-to-Head match-ups and season schedule
  • Ability to post and read messages on your pools message board
  • Access to your team’s player notes
  • Transaction support for adding/dropping players
  • Offer and accept trades
  • Access live scores, news, and league standings, and injury reports for NHL, NBA, MLB, and NFL

You’re sitting on the bus, heading to work on another boring Thursday morning. Dozing off a little, a light bulb suddenly flashes brilliantly above your head. You’ve forgotten to start Tim Lincecum today against the Pittsburgh Pirates! Oh no, the horror! How on earth could you possibly have placed him on the bench the other day? Worst of all, you’re tied this week against your hated opponent in wins and trailing substantially in the strikeouts category. What an absolute idiot you are. But wait! There’s hope! MyFantasyTeams is here to rescue you from your dilemna! Frantically pulling out your iPhone, you expertly correct your flawed lineup and finally relax knowing that all is back to normal. Oh no! But you have an iPod Touch! Damn you elusive wifi! Scurrying back home, you make it in time to reestablish an internet connection and make the necessary changes to your lineup right before receiving a call from your unhappy boss.


Situations like these are common in the cutthroat world of fantasy sports management. Without the comfort of a computer readily at your disposal, MyFantasyTeams is your next best alternative to overseeing the everyday production of your players. It allows you to change your team’s lineup, view weekly head-to-head matchups and check the current league standings. From there, you can also add or drop players on your roster and negotiate trades with other teams.


Obsessing over every minor statistic and news report is commonplace as it could potentially mean the difference from winning and losing. Luckily, MyFantasyTeams is not limited in any way in its wealth of information that fantasy sports users want and need. There are player notes to read, previews and recaps of all the games your players are involved in and the all important compilation of every players’ stats.

myfantasyteams-pro5While doing a fine job in helping you manage your fantasy sports team, MyFantasyTeams is not without its flaws. My biggest annoyance in any application are those which incorporate links that directs the user to an online site on Safari. I rarely use Safari on my iPod Touch for the sole reason of the tedious process of pinching in and out as I try to read a paragraph of writing. With MyFantasyTeams, there is a plethora of links to the Yahoo! sports pages. As a result, I choose to view box scores and other related news on sports apps like Sportacular and Espn Score Center instead.

myfantasyteams-pro6The next flaw dragging MyFantasyTeams below its best potential is its user interface. The words and numbers are too small to read; some are just plain impossible to decipher without squinting. While I like the color scheme, it may be a tad bit too dark for my liking as it seems to make words harder to read. Besides the words being too small to read, clicking on links requires almost pinpoint accuracy as the words are bunched closely together.

myfantasyteams-pro7As a fantasy sports devoter, MyFantasyTeams has been a welcome addition to my iPod Touch. I use it everyday and enjoy the capabilities it offers. If you have a fantasy sports team of your own, it would be a wise decision to purchase this app as soon as possible, especially with the regular season of the NFL right around the corner.

Note: For those who are hesitant with the $3.99 Pro version, ES Group Mobile has also released MyFantasyTeams – Free Edition (fewer features) for all to try.


App Summary
Title:MyFantasyTeams  – Professional Edition (v2.3)Developer:ES Group Mobile
Price:$3.99App Size:0.9 MB
  • Great tool for fantasy sports
  • Edit rosters
  • View matchups
  • Access player notes
  • Offer and accept trades
  • Interface needs a facelift
  • Price high for Pro version
  • Safari directs


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