Monster heartbeats earphones with love from Lady Gaga


Monster have made quite a splash this year with the release of several high-profile inner earphones such as the Turbine and Beats Tour. In the pipeline are the fabled Turbine Pro (Turbine Pro GoldTurbine Pro Copper), Jamz, and now, Lady Gaga’s heartbeats that TMA will be reviewing shortly. From a preliminary look, the latest headphones in Monster’s upcoming line up utilise the same tangle-proof cable as their Beats Tour, but in terms of showy design, have turned the nob to 11.

The new sound and new look can be had in October and will come in the following flavours: mic’d for your mobile phone (150$), or not (100$). There will also be a number of colours to choose from, and if things get too steamy with Lady Gaga, the beats Solo, which carries an MSRP of 220$ should help cool your wallet down.

TGI Black Friday Update: These phones can be had for pretty cheap now at Amazon and Headphone Solutions. Headphone Solutions has them for 89$ for Thanksgiving and Amazon have an everyday low price of 99.95$.

I will admit to having about as much knowledge of Lady Gaga as she does about Japanese politics; nevertheless, the heartbeat earphones, though thoroughly gaudy, look hot.

Press Information:

Multiple Eartips For the Perfect Fit
Heartbeats come with multiple sizes and shapes of eartips to ensure the perfect fit and seal. You get max comfort and reduced outside noise.

Plush Travel Case
Keep you heartbeats safe and sound. The way these babies look, you’re going to want to keep them looking new.

Exclusive Monster Cable
Wired with Monster Cable, so you get the most accurate signal

Flat Cables by Monster: No Tangles
Thanks to Monster’s exclusive flat cable design, they’re tangle-resistant. Plus the look integrates seamlessly into the carefully crafted style of Heartbeats.

Designed by Lady Gaga
The incredibly unique style of Heartbeats came straight from Lady Gaga herself. Who needs earrings when you’ve got head-turners like Heartbeats?

Three Year Limited Warranty

Sound Matters Because the Music Matters
A great song transcends sound. It has the power to move you to tears—or the dance floor. The better your music sounds, the less you hear it, but actually feel it. Heartbeats faithfully reproduce artists’ vocals and the music behind them, so you can hear the heart felt emotion your favorite singer wants to share with you. Get ready to experience your music like never before.

Feel Every Note of Today’s Hottest Digital Music
These days music is recorded and mixed in a super advanced environment. We designed Heartbeats by Lady Gaga to let you experience every bit of the energy and creativity today’s hottest artists put into their digitally recorded music. The amazing hit of the deep bass. Pitch perfect highs and lows. You’ll feel more power and hear more details in your favorite music that you didn’t even know were there.

Flat Cables by Monster: No Tangles, No Tears.
Thanks to Monster’s exclusive flat cable design, Heartbeats are tangle free. Bye bye, bird’s nest.

For more information about the heartbeats, take a gander at Monster’s heartbeats webpage.


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  • J-Lo

    how do you wear that shit on ears? ^^

  • Matthew

    Well, first you gotta wrap the headphones around your arms.. And then you gotta take off the back part of the headphones aka the blingage. Lastly, you gotta make sure your ears are pierced and you put the blingage on as earrings.

    J-Lo, I honestly got no idea..

  • Damn

    Damn you people are bloody stupid. Do you see the round thing behind it? That’s what you shove in your ears. The other piece is what the people on the outside see.

  • Evan

    Monster is going crazy with all these new headphones… they just announced the turbine pros which look pretty sick. gold/copper plated. looks sweeet.. check out some pics:

  • Josh Millerline

    “Damn” is right.. LOL Come on guys, those are pretty stylish (i couldn’t pull them off) and if you can’t tell which way they go in your ear… well, ’nuff said.

    Evan those PROS are sick, and are getting awesome reviews… not sure exactly when they come out though.

    CNET gave em 4 out of 5 stars:

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  • Lisa Calo

    LMAO! Seeing that i got a pair of these i guess i’ll teach you how to put them on. But oh wait ‘Damn’ already explained – no, you dont put the triangle inside your ear, you put the circle thing on the other side!! I have to say that these earphones are actually pretty awesome. Got them as a present from a friend. I particularly like the fact that it has noise cancelation. It comes very convenient when im on the plane – Lady Gaga Earphones

  • lady haha


  • ineedtoknowhowtheseearphonesPERFORM!!

    how do these earphones PERFORM!! i keep trying to get reviews and its either some gay guy saying he loves them coz theyre so fashionable or some weird scottish woman talking about the packaging… someone please link me to something decent. THE PRO’S LOOK SICK!! i think i’ve seen some reviews on amazon saying they are crap and really uncomfortable???

  • Hey mate, TMA should be reviewing the Turbine Pro soon, but I am unsure of HOW soon. When we finish, you will know. Keep an eye out for a lot of really good earphones in the next few months. The Turbine Pro should be good, but so too should a few other options. cheers.

  • Zoe

    These are seriously the best headphones ever. I got them about 4 days ago and I cannot stop listening to music just because I can wear my headphones. They cancel out all of the outside noise, hit every beat and note, and they look cool too!

  • Lexy

    They can be uncomfortable but u need to change the ear covering for fit. The sound is cool on some songs and i could her musical instruments i had not heard before i bought the new earphones. On other songs i have heard static and these are songs that have been downloaded from itunes on my ipod but overall i like the style and sound.

  • TMA will be reviewing the Gaga and Monster are on a roll. The Turbine Pro Gold is a fantastic earphone with great build quality and style.

  • Megan

    I love these I won them in a contest! You can hear EVERY instrament! But the only downfall is ive noticed that you have to push them into your ear so much that After I get done listing with them I get an awful headache, but if not pushed in fall out :/ but other than that Great look,and Sound! :)

  • Aimee Chapman

    i just found out that Lady Gaga is also a mezzo soprano. she really has a great voice and i love her style. *

  • I love these I won them in a contest! You can hear EVERY instrament! But the only downfall is ive noticed that you have to push them into your ear so much that After I get done listing with them I get an awful headache, but if not pushed in fall out ,but other than that Great look,and Sound!

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