Latest iPod touch Camera rumour comes from App Store


Takaki Fukatsu's TiltShift Generator

One of my favourite app developers is Takayuki Fukatsu, the legendary personage behind apps such as ToyCamera, SepiaCamera, and QuadCamera among others. His apps are solid, have real-world results, and are based on important photography and editing principles. TiltShift Generator (say that 5,5x fast) which hit the App Store on or around 27 August looks to be another great hit, and unless my eyes are playing tricks on me, is the #1 hit at Japan’s App Store. It also houses evidence that the iPod touch will indeed feature a camera (information after the gap).

Takaki Fukatsu, TiltShift Generator, 0.99$, 0.3 MB
TiltShift Generator


In the iTunes Application Description under NOTE:, Mr. Fukatsu mentions the following tidbit:

If you are using iPod, you can edit a photo in the album, but you cannot use a camera until iPod with camera will be out.

While a collection of cases and random shots on the internet do little to assuage Apple’s fears that their next iPod will again be publicly outted before its release, a camera app developer’s word is as good as anything.

Had Mr. Fukatsu been a hardware designer with peep pictures, this would be a 007 spy-shot, but as he is merely a developer with an amazing portfolio, it can only be a timely and interesting hint. However, with only two more days until Apple’s 9 September, “It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll” event, there isn’t time enough to toss rumours around, though it surely would be nice to get a bit more battery life.

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