Amazing Pocket Control – SightFree iTunes in Review – Some Things Are Better Off Unseen


Back in the good ol’ jailbreaking days of firmware 1.1.1, the iPod touch was my main source of media entertainment. 2 years later I have given up jailbreaking but I’m constantly reminded of the apps that made jailbreaking worthwhile. One of these apps was PocketTouch, which allowed you to blindly control music without using the Music app. Amazing Pocket Control – SightFree iTunes snuck into the App Store beneath everybody’s radar. I’d not heard of it before and no one really talks about it – I wonder why?

In theory, Amazing Pocket Control could have been an easy Kiss, if it had worked like PocketTouch. Before I get to all the negatives (I have recently changed my name from M. Thug to Mr. Negativo), I’ll give a synopsis of the Amazing Pocket Control’s features. Amazing Pocket Control enables users to control music from their pocket without having to remove their iDevice.


There are two ways to do any of the following: pause/play, fast forward/rewind, and increase/decrease volume. The first way, swipe, is an epic failure because it is too sensitive. Swiping to change tracks and volume sounds easy, but let me tell you, it isn’t. I managed to properly execute changing the volume of the music (by swiping up to increase the volume, and by swiping down to decrease it), but changing tracks was impossible. I would accidently ‘tap’ pause or play rather than changing tracks. It’s not that the controls don’t work, but when you’re iDevice is in your pocket, swipe gestures are rather frustrating. Thankfully, Amazing Pocket Control redeemed itself with the other control scheme: tapping. The controls for tapping are as followed: tap on the upper portion of the screen to increase volume/ tap bottom portion to decrease it; double tap to go to the next track, and triple tap to go to the previous tap. I found these controls to work well and had little problems with changing tracks (as opposed to the swiping method).


While I can let bygones be bygones, the app itself is desperately lacking some good “looks”. Aside from the loading screen, options menu, logos that pop up for a second after you tap/swipe, and white text, Amazing Pocket Control is just a black screen. There’s no indication of song title, artist, or album cover – each a pretty big downer. I know the purpose of the app is to control your music without having to look at the screen, but a little information would still be nice to have. Another thing that bothers me is fact that you can’t switch artists. The only way to change artists is to exit and reload, defeating the purpose of blind controls. Unless you throw all your music into one gigantic playlist, you’ll have to get used to exiting and reloading: snip and snap.


In the end, Amazing Pocket Control has the potential to be amazing, but it does nothing with it. While the two control methods work, but the swiping method is not well implemented. Finally, without the ability to change artist, using Amazing Pocket Control can get tiring.

Amazing Pocket Control – SightFree iTunes just misses the mark with a Tap It rating.


App Summary
Title: Amazing Pocket Control (v1.0) Developer: Veiled Games
Price: $0.99 App Size: 0.3 MB
  • enables “sightfree” use of your music
  • two control schemes
  • have to relaunch app each time to choose a different artist
  • doesn’t display any artist information/album art
  • swipe method doesn’t work well


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