Alive 4-Ever In Review – Dual-Shooter for the Roleplayer in us


Dual-stick shooters seem to be all the rage as of late, and not without reason — they are simple, and are insanely fun. Well, developer Meridian decided to try their hand at the recently popular genre, and not without fail. The result — Alive 4-Ever.

App Description

When you are surrounded by hundreds and thousands of zombies, would you insist of rescuing others or would you rather save yourself to live longer?

Alive 4-ever is a zombies-shooting game, with which players have a selection of 4 main characters coming from different backgrounds, trying to rescue hopeless survivors from a small town that was attacked by an unknown deadly virus which turned dead people into zombies.

The name is an obvious take on the popular console game “Left 4 Dead,” and this game is similarly based on killing zombies. But the similarities pretty much end there. Instead of a first-person shooter with easily accessible multiplayer and a common goal throughout, you get a top-down shooter with dual-shooter controls (one analogue stick is to move, the other is to shoot), variations of goals for each level, and a good bit of depth for an iPhone game. Not to mention what seems to be Bluetooth-only multiplayer, which is a huge bummer.

But, moving on.

I’m personally a huge Minigore fan, which is the main reason I picked this up as soon as I read the App description (and saw the screenshots, of course).

To be honest, I was surprised with how much depth I found in this game. I expected some mindless killing action, with some missions to balance things out. Boy, was I wrong! That’s not to say I was disappointed. Oh, not at all.


After a few missions, which mostly pertain to killing a certain amount of a certain kind of zombie or saving a person/object, I discovered RPG elements that I had not really come to expect in a game like this.

Not only do you gain special abilities from completing “Challenges” during missions (something else to focus on while completing your main mission, such as getting a certain amount of headshots or not allowing any survivors to die), you can equip up to three special abilities at a time, and they really help out during combat.

alive-4-ever-review3Of course, with all this also comes the one feature that is to be expected in any game with RPG elements — upgrades. You can upgrade not only weapons, but also your maximum HP, maximum bullets, critical hit rate, and curing efficiency. All of these skills will help out in certain missions, so it’s a good idea to keep them balanced.

The audio in this game is unfortunately a bit boring. Not terrible, but pretty dull. Good thing I’ve got an iPod Touch 1G and barely ever wear speakers while I game.

All in all, the missions show little variation, but enough to keep you playing. And the graphics are certainly good enough to hold interest. Hell, the graphics are great! Everything looks really well done.

alive-4-ever-review4Speaking of lasting appeal, there are 30 levels to play, which take quite a bit to complete. The missions and levels set this game apart from the aforementioned similar title Minigore, where your sole mission is to kill, and then kill some more. Now, that’s not a bad thing… At all. Minigore is my favourite game on the iDevice. But, for those of us who feel the need to work toward a goal, Alive 4-Ever unmistakably provides it and should please fans of Dual Shooters everywhere.


App Summary
Title: Alive 4-Ever (v1.0) Developer: Meridian
Price: $2.99 (sale $0.99!) App Size: 0.4 MB
  • Fantastic graphics
  • Incredibly fun gameplay
  • Missions
  • RPG elements
  • Multiplayer
  • Local multiplayer only (Bluetooth)
  • Dull audio
  • Little variation in missions


This review of Alive 4-ever was brought to you by TouchMyApps contributor Connor Coghlan. You can find him via his twitter account @Condawg

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