Cookie Pop Classic in Review – Hop on Pop


I’ll freely admit, I was first drawn to this game by the character art – it looks like something Nintendo would come up with, and that’s always a good start. It’s also a puzzle game, and I’m always up for those – plus it looked polished. It seemed to have all the right pieces to potentially be a fun game, and the good news is, it ultimately is fun. There is a bit of a learning curve at first though, so I’m going to attempt to lay how it’s played so that you have a better understanding of what you’re getting into should you decide to pick up Cookie Pop Classic.

cookie-pop-2 cookie-pop-3

There are multiple pages of instructions that you can access from the main menu, but honestly there’s two problems here. First, the translation into English is a little rough – not indecipherable, but not as clear as it should be either. Secondly, the game really just has to be played to understand it. Fortunately, the first few levels start out pretty easy, giving you the opportunity to become accustomed to the play before things start to really take off.

When you begin a level, you are shown a shape in the upper right corner of the screen (made up of square blocks). It is your job to place that shape into the playing field in any open spaces by tapping those spaces and creating blocks in them (one tap creates a block, tap it again and the block disappears). It’s important to create the shape in the exact orientation shown in the picture in the upper right – anything else and those blocks will stay on the board in the shape you created, filling in more of your playing space.

cookie-pop-4 cookie-pop-5

Creating the correct shape will cause all the blocks to pop – or disappear – from the board, along with any blocks adjacent to the shape you just created. Every few seconds random blocks are placed on the playing field by the computer – so you must work around those while placing your shape, and also try to plan it out so you can pop as many of those blocks as possible to clear enough room for your next shape. Your goal: survive until the timer runs out. If the board fills up with blocks before the timer runs out – you lose the level – if you survive, you can proceed to the next level.

There are 50 levels in all, with 5 boss levels, where the goal is to get to the boss and destroy it (by placing a popping shape next to it) before the timer runs out. There are also some additional block types thrown into the mix in various levels to keep things interesting. Sometimes there will be bomb type blocks, which will clear out whole sections of blocks for you when popped. Other times you’ll deal with blocks that must be popped multiple times before they’ll disappear (not to mention blocks that cannot be popped, which you must work around). There’s also an endless mode you can play, where the timer never runs out, and global online score boards where you can compare your records to everyone else. Finally, you can also change what the blocks look like on the board as you’re playing – from cookie type shapes to fruits, veggies, faces and more.

cookie-pop-6 cookie-pop-7

The fact that there are levels to the game and bosses to beat almost makes up for the fact that there’s nothing really to earn for yourself in this game – no rewards like in Puzzlings or Azkend. So ultimately, while I think it’s a very good game, there are a few minor things that keep it from getting our top rating; the lack of incentives, the rough translation, and the slight learning curve for instance. That said, if you’ve played some of the other top puzzle games and are looking for something else to try, Cookie Pop Classic is a fun one, and I’d definitely recommend grabbing it.


App Summary
Title: Cookie Pop Classic (v1.1) Developer: ICECREAM SOFT
Price: $2.99 (sale $0.99) App Size: 15.6 MB
  • Lighthearted graphics
  • Excellent for quick play
  • Lots of levels and bosses
  • Lack of rewards or incentives
  • Early difficult learning curve
  • Rough English translation


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