Assessing your dreams with Kayac’s Let it Sleep


Ever wanted to know exactly what goes on while you sleep? I mean other than what you remember in your dreams? I certainly have. Right, then prepare for the ubiquitous preamble: “there’s an app for that”. There is. Let it Sleep, by Kayac Inc. exists for the purpose of extracting those good ideas which often come out of your nocturnal neverland.

Kayac, Let it Sleep, 0.99$, 0.4 MB

TouchMyApps will be taking a deer look at the software, but in the meantime, take a look at its features to see why it remained 3 weeks as the number 1 Lifestyle app in Japan. Let it Sleep records any sound you make above a certain sensitivity threshold. Of course, that will mean any bodily noise, but

From Kayac’s webpage:
Just like Beatles song “Let it be” and Akira Kurosawa’s Movie “Dreams”
there are a lot of works which were inspired by the dream.
Haven’t you dreamed “What if we can note the idea appearing in the dream.”

“Let It Sleep” is the tool which supports your creativity by recording you talking in sleep.
Turn “Let It Sleep” on and sleep, and it detects and records your talking in sleep automatically.

Check out the record next morning, and you will realize what you think of in the dream or depth psychology and it supports your idea.

Try “Let It Sleep” and realize your dream for idea works.

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