Tech21’s D30 iBand – “Smack me on the Head” iPhone protection

D30, the ‘flubber’ like material which absorbs incredible amounts of undue impact has come to the iPhone and iPod touch in a rather new product called the iBand from Tech21, a company devoted to protecting technology. D30’s claim to fame is its excellent utility as lightweight, mouldable, protection for extreme sports such as motorcross, dirt jumping, and table tennis: which makes it perfect for the extreme life of an iPhone!

Where the iPhone gets lucky is with the iBand, a semi, or full case for the iPhone, iPod touch and Nano which utilises D30 to resist the worst of accidents as you can see above. The iPhone also has a D30 full-body solution which should amply protect the shiny plastic back from scratches.

While the regular iBand hasn’t any screen protection nor protection for the aluminium or steel back of the iPod touch, its thick edges keep the back and screen from touching anything that might harm your product.

It protects from incoming walls, floors, and rapidly approaching drops form 2 storey buildings. Better yet, watch below as it does a good job of fending off shovels too!

Please take a look at Tech21’s website.

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