More Bars for New Yorkers – AT&T to turn on the Big Apple

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Image courtesy

Well, at least that is the story on the street. 1600 new 850MHz cells have gone up around the Big Apple, but somehow, performance still crawls like traffic. So what gives? According to Gizmodo, the cells have just not yet been turned on. Trust me when I say this, there is no better way to turn New Yorkers on than cell phones.

When the gross gets going, look out for the following: “Improved connectivity, performance and enhanced in-building wireless coverage” which AT&T claim will smother the great new turn on. Though AT&T jumped the gun, promising a bit too much, too soon, Giz reckon that New Yorkers need to slow down and forgo their 5th Starbuck, at least until things get spicy as AT&T’s charms turn on the Big Apple.

[via Gizmodo]

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