Green Fingers in Review – Portable Planting For Gardeners On The Go

greenfingers1Just as there’s an app for pretty much anything you need, there seems to be a game for just about every type of person. Whether you’re into racing, hunting, maths, or … gardening. The latest in the pick up and play format to fall into my hands is geared toward the latter.

Green Fingers is the second release from Dev team No Monkeys (Alphabetic), a straightforward puzzle game that will have you addicted right from the get go. The objective is simple, you have 5 flower pots on a ledge and various objects dropping from the top of the screen. It’s your job to make sure that the right pot is below the right item.


To control your pots, you simply tap the pot you want to move and then tap the pot that’s in the position you want to move too, and they will swap places. That’s really all the control there is. The trick is being able to do it over and over, fast enough so as to not have the wrong pot catching the wrong item. Trust me, it’s not as simple as you think. After I’m done writing this I will go back to pulling my hair out trying to beat my previous scores.

The difficulty and leveling is where I found this game to be really addictive. You start out simply: making sure the bags of dirt reach the pots that need it. Shortly after they start, items get added to the pots. It starts with one, and a round later, 2, and so on. At the same time, items will increase in number, frequency, and speed.

greenfingers3There are 15 achievements that you can unlock through game play. At the time of posting, I have only been able to unlock 3, but not from a lack of trying. This game is genuinely difficult enough that even though I was playing over and over, I just could not get any more unlocked. However, my frustration just shows that this game has that replay value that all developers of casual games strive for.

greenfingers4 greenfingers5

As for visuals, the graphics in this game are really vibrant and colorful. Even though you’re looking at basically pots and flowers for most of the game it’s surprising how good they look. Little details like the shutters pulled up at the top and even the stylized font really pull the game together.

Another cool feature of the app is that it has the Open Feint system built into it. If you’re not familiar, Open Feint is a social networking tool that allows you to see what your friends are playing. You also have the ability to post/compare high scores and post results to both Twitter and Facebook. Although not a necessary feature to the game, having the ability to interact with your friends adds another level of fun and competition to an already great game.


Most of the other features are under the info screen. If you want or need it, theres a help screen with a basic tutorial. As well as the screens showing your high scores, game stats and the achievements you’ve unlocked. You also have access to all the options available to Open Feint from the main screen. Also viewable from the main screen is the percentage of the game that you have completed, viewable just under the title right above the button to start the game, as if to taunt you and remind you of how much you have left to do. That text alone is half the reason I have been and continue to play the game whenever I can.

greenfingers7Overall I think this is a great game with an amazingly colorful and vibrant design. With just the right amount of extras and features, and increasingly addictive in nature, I definitely recommend Green Fingers to anyone who is looking for a new casual game to absorb all their free time.


App Summary
Title: Green Fingers (v1.0) Developer: No Monkeys
Price: $0.99 (sale price!) App Size: 6.5 MB
  • Vibrant graphics
  • Addictive game play
  • 15 Personal Achievements
  • Open Feint enabled
  • Online competition could be fun


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