Samsung to open “Me Too” app store on 14 September


The world’s largest electronics company who owns more hotels, newspapers, car companies and almost as many mobile phones as any other technology company, will open an app store to compete in the dime-a-dozen ‘me too’ online software delivery methods for mobile phones. Apple have had a good yearlong head start, but Samsung have models, celebrities and the biggest newspapers in the land at their bidding.

The store will boast 300 applications at launch and the giant promises 2000 by year-end. Talk is cheap, the real meat of the deal is Samsung’s near stranglehold on the mobile phone market. As the number 2 distributor of phones around the world, they have a virtually unlimited market which Samsung think “will be a lot more attractive to developers”. The problem of course isn’t the potential of the Samsung app store. Rather, it is Samsung.

Korea is famous for kicking out phones. Every month there is a new pink version of last month’s phone, the same in every practical way, except for the cute 20-something who holds it, or on a particularly bad marketing campaign, a different shade of nail polish. Because of this production philosophy of cute, useless phones, Samsung can throw away way more than half of their numbers at the barest minimum. Samsung phones, which are given away by carriers, scratched at the bottom of bargain bins, and found below the dippy edges of pianos worldwide are for the most part, unfit to run any sort of application. The odd smartphone is useable, but Samsung will not find the success they demand from an app store simply because the vast majority of their phones are made for the lowest common denominator.

The second problem Samsung face is launch markets. Conspicuously absent from launch is Samsung’s home country of Samsung South Korea. The chosen countries rather, are the UK, France, and Italy with plans for a total of 30 nations, presumably toward the end of the year.

Tetris fans get ready, Samsung’s bold move to support all of its phones will certainly make you happy.

[via The Korea Herald]

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