Waiting for the iPod Shuffle to be good? Don’t – Try the Sansa Clip+


In its first incarnation, the iPod Shuffle was the player to have if you didn’t need a screen. Besides a little hiss, it smashed through the audio performance of most other players at the time and remains this day, one of the best performing audio players outside audiophile oriented players such as Head-Direct’s Hifiman HM801 and the HiSound AMP3. Well, Sansa’s Clip, which utilises a very similar audio chip, has jut been upgraded to a sturdier package which simply outshines the new and troublesome iPod shuffle which doesn’t allow easy upgrading of the stock (and rubbish) earphones.

The new unit has easier to use controls, better placed buttons, and lo and behold, expansion via MicroSD cards. The Clip+ remains a great player for those who listen to MP3, OGG (Vorbis), FLAC (new firmware), WMA and Audible formats.

For more information about the little devil, check out Sansa’s website.

[via AnythingButiPod]

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