Holograms in Review – Turning 2D Pics Into 3D Masterpieces


I would like to consider myself a bit of an iPhoneographer, considering I’ve had an iPhone for around a year and have taken over 700 pictures with it. There’s a plethora of photo editing apps on the App Store, even ones which can be considered “portable PhotoShops”. While regular photo editing apps let you tweak around with the RBG and contrasts of pictures, I still find the majority lacking that extra bit of “flare” which show off the capabilities of the iDevice. One sub-section of iPhoneography that is pretty much absent in the App Store is hologram effect apps (mainly because it’s impossible to perfectly replicate a hologram on the iDevice). Well, Holograms by Mach Kobayashi (the genius behind the dice physics engine in WordFu possible), lets you create the closest thing to a real hologram in a matter of seconds.


In order to create this effect, you add depth to the photo by using a brush. There are two brushes: 1) The brush that is represented by an arrow pointing upwards is used for objects that are closest to you (foreground). 2) The other brush is represented by an arrow pointing downwards and is used to paint in objects in the background that are farther away. While this may sound complicated and hard to picture, it all comes together quite nicely when you figure it out. At the bottom of the screen is a slider to change the size of the brush and to the right of the slider is the fullscreen option. The more you brush over a single spot or area, the more intense the effect is. But be warned, if you brush over a spot/area too much, it can ruin the effect and leave an image distorted. By distorted I mean iJiggles distorted, aka wobbly madness.


There are a few appearance options for your holograms. Firstly, the Red- Blue 3D effect that can be turned on/off. Thus, whipping out your old red and blue glasses that you got at the movies will allow you to witness a more “authentic” hologram effect. The other options are: transparent, laser, rainbow, fountain, and stars – each of which can all be applied to your hologram (only one per picture though).


R.I.P Laser Cat (2009-2009)

Upon first opening Holograms, I was greeted by a UIAlertView message telling me that Holograms required more memory. I could understand Gangstar needing a fresh reboot but not Holograms. After rebooting and waiting three minutes for the iPhone to restart (at which point I was ready to smash my iPhone into the wall), I threw it at the ground instead – which didn’t make it reboot any faster either. The UIAlertView message was unfortunately not the only problem I came across. When viewing the three pre-loaded Holograms that were created by the master himself (aka Mach), I unintentionally destroyed and slaughtered two of them (Laser Cat and the Mach Werx logo). No, I did not put a machete to my iPhone screen, but I accidently smeared my finger across the screen. This not only ruined the hologram effect, but it also ticked me off. To add humiliation to punishment, there is no undo button. So, I tried the eraser button located next to the brushes. Did it work? Nope, it deleted the portion of the picture instead of erasing my mistake. The eraser only serves the purpose of trimming and erasing parts of the picture. Next to the eraser button is an anti-eraser button which brought back the part of Laser Cat that I erased. I won’t even delve into how I messed up the Mach Werx logo.


I love you too!

There are three ways that these problems could have been avoided: 1) I should have watched the “how to” video on YouTube before playing with the app. 2) There should have been an undo button. 3) There should have been some sort of lock feature that prevents any morons (such as myself) from ruining a picture before they have any idea of what they’re doing. Also, I’d like to see even more effects added in an update as well as the ability to zoom for more precise brushing.

Despite its issues, Holograms still gets the job done. If you’re looking to give your photos the hologram effect that they rightfully deserve, then Holograms by Mach Kobayashi is the way to go. While not every image came out the way I had hoped, Holograms replicated an ‘authentic’ hologram ffect as best as it could. Holograms are just another thing that the iDevice can do and competitors can’t. For the price of $1.99, it’s worth it and I hope Mach updates the app to make it even better (because there is room for improvement).

I award Holograms the solid, positive, iPhone screen shattering rating of Grab It.


App Summary
Title:Holograms (v. 1.0)Developer:Mach Kobayashi
Price:$1.99App Size:1.9 MB
  • closest thing to a real hologram on the iDevice
  • treads new ground for photo enthusiasts
  • effects
  • 3D glasses means 3D hologram!
  • no lock feature
  • no undo button
  • no ability to zoom


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