Shrek Kart – Trust me, “You drive like an ogre!” just ain’t Politically Correct no more

I won’t get religious here, but Mario may have saved my life several times over. Seriously. Had I not been playing Super Mario Kart in 1994, I would have taken the long road home and been hit by a bus which, on the very corner which I always stopped to drain… (nevermind), careened out of control, killing its entire passenger load. That night, when 39 chickens didn’t arrive safely home, old farmer Johnson was in a sad fuss, but at least I was okay and till this day, I hold a good respect for the master Italian plumber. That is, until I happened upon this video a couple of days ago!

Imagine my chagrin when I discovered that the ever-respectable Gameloft have licensed Shrek to take the place of the Godly Italian in the touchy hearts of new iPhone gamers. Shocked and horrified, but in the same instance, intrigued, I waded through the screenshots below, the video above, and started to dream. What I saw was something which may prompt me to change religions: great level lay out, swift gameplay, colourful, famous characters, and cool weapons. Some of the locales look as if they were lifted straight from the movies themselves and jaggedied up for the iPhone. Hot damn, here comes shigzeo!

Gameloft’s Description:

Once upon a time…………
Shrek and his friends are on a quest: To become the Kingdom’s Fastest Kart Racer!
Race to your own Fairy Tale ending behind the wheel of each character’s custom-built kart & try to win Ye Grand Tournamant . Explore the sights & secret shortcuts throughout the kingdom, from shrek’s home in The Swamp to the hallowed halls of Worcestershire High to the palm-lined streets of far far away .

Challenge your friends to eat your dust in multiplayer and arena modes!
As is far (y) in this twisted tournament tale: Special Abilities & Power-ups are part of the arsenal . Drop the Cow That Jumped Over the Moon on Donkey, foil Puss In Boots with a Kart-Seeking Pumpkin & blast past Gingy with some high ogre-octane gas .
But Remember: Only 1st Place lives Happily Even After!

Key Point:

  • 4 game Modes: Quick Race, Challenge, Tournament and Arena modes
  • Local Multiplayer Mode: Battle your friends via WiFi and Bluetooth!
  • 10 Uniqe karts: Each character has custom built his/her own vehicle, each with a special ability and different speed, acceleration and handling capabilities
  • 11 Defensive & Offensive Power-ups: Watch out for Moo Attack from above, shoo away those Angry Bees by Wiping off the screen with your finger!

For more information, check out Gameloft’s forum thread.

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