9 Sept iPod Event – It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll


Apple still like it though, which is a good thing because I have practically given up on its modern and feeble vestiges: at least someone still likes the whiny, rock’n roll antithetic fumble of guitars and drums. Anyway, this semi-editorial is finished. What is important now is that in just a week and a couple of days – a Wednesday of all days – Apple’s yearly iPod event will open in a whir of media and cameras. Though there isn’t much to stagger over since Apple revamp their line up every year, we can conjecture that the following devices will be upgraded or enhanced in any number of ways which don’t directly relate to memory enhancements.

Perhaps the biggest of these is the stable conjecture that the iPod Touch will receive the guts of the iPhone 3GS including the faster CPU, GPU, magnometer, and camera. Whether anything else will happen to the iconic iPods: touch and nano, is uncertain, but the smallest true iPod may also get a camera and this year may be the first year that there isn’t a major design change in the two models.

[via All Things Digital]

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