Daewoo to create the iPod of mini cars


Ho hum. The very same Daewoo whose failing buses noisily tractor down motorways all across South Korea, will be releasing the Spark, or Matiz Creative as it will be known in South Korea. The small car will house a 1,0 litre engine, and  like the ubiquitous DAP, will hypothetically change transportation forever, demanding imitations and lawsuits from every major manufacturer around the world because of its “stylish and expressive” design. It had better. As GM Daewoo’s VP Mark Labelle put it, the Spark “like the iPod, will become a cultural icon” (Korea Herald).

Indeed, similar in many respects to the first iPod, Daewoo’s marvel is creating a buzz in its home country with a confirmed list of 5 000 pre orders, but perhaps the more poignant item is its voracious appetite for fuel. The first iPod, a Mac OX only affair, guzzled battery juice, outputting a feeble 8 hours of playback in 2001 when MiniDisk players were squeezing out 50. Similarly, in this age of eco-friendly designs, the Spark consumes a whopping one litre of fuel for every 17 kilometres of road. Let me put this into perpsective – our much 1996 VW Passat estate diesel from 1996 sipped as little as 1 litre per every 22 kilometres of road. When looked at from this perspective, the Matiz Creative is painfully behind the times.

Daewoo expect that this gas guzzler will catch on like wildfire, but aside from somewhat cute looks, it offers too little. However, writing a product off before widespread launch is silly. Case in point: this MacRumors thread about the original iPod.

[via The Korea Herald]

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