QuadCamera in Action – Apple’s finger poised to Shut or Release

News-Photography-QuadCamera-OS30-Revival-Icon.jpgThe drama is long over  – QuadCamera for 3.0 has been in the App Store now the better part of a month thanks to the efficient App Store approval team. So far, out of 100 reviews, the current version is predominantly valued by the numerical score of 5, and in the meantime, 2.0 version of the software has been given to Apple to approve. While QuadCamera isn’t the camera app for everyone, it seems to have the ability to inspire creativity in a vast number of people. For example, the below firework shot (from creator Takayuki Fukatsu’s Flickr portfolio) was taken with QuadCamera, showing the power of an emulated shutter burst.

Takaki Fukatsu, QuadCamera, 1.99$, 0.3 MB
QuadCamera - Multi shot

Fortunately, it gets better. Pets, kids, your face (see below) and even the potential for sport, this camera app is quite the impressive addition to Apple’s iPhone. However, apps like Mr. Fukatsu’s may tread dangerously near territory which has drawn fire from Apple: duplication, and often, improvement, of part of the iPhone’s functionality. In QuadCamera’s case, Apple have no such feature in their firmware, but neither did they have the feature which allowed Google Voice calls in their original OS.

Unfortunately, which app will be singled out for rejection, or accepted and then subsequently rejected is still a mystery. Here’s to QuadCamera gaining immediate acceptance for 2.0 release rather than the order which held it back for months last time.

For great photos taken with QuadCamera, take a look at the QuadCamera Pool on Flickr including Tom Coates.

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