iPhone the PC killer?


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While there are many contenders for iPhone killer, we seldom think what the impact of such an insurgence of smart phones in general and of the iPhone in particular will have on our lives in the future.

According to the research done by Morgan Stanley, the average iPhone user talks less than their regular cell-phone counterparts. At the same time, the average iPhone addict spends up to 50% more time using the phone!

So, where does this lead us? If we take a closer look at the statistics, they show that on average people use their iPhones about 60 minutes in a day versus 40 minutes for the cell phone users (yeah right, I must use it up to 3-4 hours a day). At the same time, iPhones are used for plain old talking for only 45% of usage time, versus 70% for other cell phones.

Well, for me it figures that iPhone addicts are not that talkative type in the absolute, or the relative sense. While they seem to always have the phones in their hands, they rarely take the opportunity to chat up dear old mum. And why would they do that (okay, don’t start to hate me at this point, but it’s true), considering the exceptionally large touch screen, the myriad apps (especially games) and other media properties which the “Jesus” phone flaunts?

And to relate to my original claim, let’s see where the difference lies. It’s not the texting (both users spend about 15% of their time doing that). It’s actually computer-like usage that corrupts iPhone users. They spend about 12% of their time sending e-mails, 10% playing music, 8% gaming and 9% surfing the internet. If we compare that to regular cell-phone users (4% emails, 2% music, 3% gaming and 3% surfing) we see that the average user is starting to rely more and more on the advanced capabilities of their iPhones to do the stuff they previously had to go to the computer to do. I know that I have almost completely stopped using my laptop at home since I got the iPhone!

So to sum it all up, the PC is not in any immediate danger, even from the iPhone. But the trend has been established, and as the smart phone technologies mature, along with the audience, I feel that we will see a dramatic decrease of PC usage in the next 10 years or so. The desktops will probably die out altogether by that time, and as soon as iPhone dominates the world market completely, Apple will TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Mua-ha-ha-ha! (ha!)


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