Apple Hit by another suit – this time, Samsung are in the bag


As if producing the most successful line of DAP (digital audio players) wasn’t enough, Apple find it necessary to chase nail-biting lawsuits left and right. This time, the lucky company have been insinuated in a steamy conspiracy bolstered the notorious crime syndicate led by the following: Lenovo, Sony, Asus, Suwon, Dell, Transcend, and RIM – each companies who use Samsung’s memory chips. The suspects are charged with 2009’s hand-in-the-cookie-jar crime: ripping off BTG International, Inc. memory designs. I’ve just got to side with BTG without whom, we would be stuck with 32MB iPods and 64MB ram in our computers.

The small guy, who is always right (and who can gain some spotlight), seeks to block import of products from Apple and the five other companies which it claims infringe its holy copyright. The technology? Multi Level Cell – a bit of silicon¬†manoeuvring which allows for cheaper and more densely packed cameras, mp3 players, computers and mobile phones. Apple’s extremely fit lawyers are likely dishing this onto a side plate for later considering Apple’s penchant for lawsuits.

Unbeknownst to BTG however is that ATV, the German DJ whose musical talent is heard behind such hits as: After I came, 21:00, and Zsviestiechegotchetoupeise, is seeking injunction against the three-letter company for stealing a 3-letter incorporated name which follows the letter ‘A’. I think he may have something.

[via The Korea Herald]

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