Mummys Revenge in Review – pint sized adventure, big time fun


Mummys Revenge is a great little game, and you should pick it up. What? You want to know more? Ok, it’s a little like the games of yore, like Goonies 2 or Pitfall, combined with modern graphics and gameplay ideas such as weapon upgrades. And if you’ve already played Zombieville USA and the recently released Inkvaders on the iDevice, you’ll feel right at home with this particular genre of games. Mummy’s Revenge is definitely worth your money, especially at the current sale price of a dollar.

App Description

Joe Adventure in this episode is a treasure hunting tomb raider in Egypt. He travels from pyramid to pyramid picking up Golden Scarabs. This upsets ANUBIS, the ancient egyptian god who protects the dead. He has awaken all the Mummies and the mighty Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt for Revenge.

If you’re looking for non stop action with cool features like tossing grenades and melee attacks, and Boss Battles then this is the game for you.


This is a side scrolling game, and your objective is to get from the left to the right, and collect all the scarabs needed to complete the level. The scarabs are located in tombs you’ll see as you walk along – all you need to do is tap on the door to enter and you’ll automatically grab what you need. Tap again to come out, and you’re on your way.


Most of your time is spent killing the various enemies sent against you. An assortment of mummies, some faster and some slower, masked Anubis looking creatures, and bosses will try to overwhelm you on your treasure hunt. Luckily, you’ve got lots of weapons at your disposal – upgrades you can purchase between levels that will make you a more efficient mummy killing machine.


I’m particularly fond of the pistol upgrade that allows you to shoot in both directions at once, as well as the auto-rifle. But the amount of weapons should please anyone, (10 or more) and there are promises from the developer of more levels and weapons to come. There are also grenades which you can throw by touching that button, and when you’re inside a tomb, you can toss them out to kill the creatures on the screen while you’re protected.


As I mentioned, there are boss battles, and different backgrounds for the levels – basically it’s a nice little package. Perhaps it could be deeper, there’s no real exploration, and there’s no jumping – just movement either to the left or right – but honestly, while I was playing, I didn’t miss those things. I enjoyed the game for what it is, perhaps a bit of a throwback to another time – but a fun diversion nonetheless, and I give it a rating of:


App Summary
Title: Mummys Revenge (v1.5) Developer: Apptastic Apps
Price: $0.99 App Size: 13.9 MB
  • Nice Graphics
  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Lots of weapons, enemies
  • Just plain fun
  • Not a very deep game
  • No exploration


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