Move your appy everybody, move your appy


Apps, pages and pages of apps! Aaaaaahhhh! It drives me maaad! Well, at least the process of organizing them does. And I bet I’m not the only one. And to think, how easy it would be if there was some kind of to do that from the PC. Well, it may be you’re in luck!

Several weeks ago a rumor surfaced that the long-missing app organising feature was to be implemented in the next major iTunes release. And wouldn’t that be something grand since it takes literally ages to order your apps using just your fingers – especially when you’ve almost 9 pages of app. There is even a great YouTube concept video out there:

Discussions immediately started as to whether this video is a hoax or an actual leaked concept. And through all the hubbub, a genius named Jeff Stieler was secretely hard at work to solve our many troubles. Introducing – Movement. The concept is amazingly like the leaked video apart from two crucial differences: one, it is REAL;two – it is not from Apple!

The interface of the App is extremely simple and outlined below in a video put together by our friends at iSpazio.

Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks. Firstly, Movement is Mac OSX 10.5 and above, and second, your iPhone MUST be jailbroken. Yep, I said it, jailbroken. It seems that hardware freedom supporters just got another smashing reason for breaking out. For all of the “law-abiding” users out there, one can only hope that the concept video IS real and that there will be a similar feature in iTunes.



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