A bomb in our pockets?


We are all going to die!!!! Aaaahhhh! Well, we eventually we are, but hopefully not soon. Anyway, following my original conspiracy theory there has been another mysterious spontaneous combustion of an iPhone user… er… iPhone – sorry.

Another explosion rocked France as another “Jesus” phone has sacrificially gone up in flames. This time, it happened to a 26 year old Villevieille supermarket security guard. He was writing an SMS to his wife when the phone suddenly emitted a crackling sound and then exploded, sending shards of glass into his eye and chin. The victim reported that he will not fight for compensation as long as his phone is replaced by Apple.


Photograph by: Stéphane BARBIER

The surge of exploding iPhones has attracted mucho media attention – enough to encourage the European Commission to begin a a formal investigation into the matter. There is even a State-level request in Russia to determine whether the iPhone is safe for the public. This ties into my theories since the government never gets involved unless there is something to hide. So I’m still waiting for those iPhones you are bound to send me to keep you safe from the global conspiracy!

[via Midi Libre]

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