Visual Comparison: Jerry Harvey JH13Pro and Sensaphonics 2X-S


Left: take a bow JH13Pro; Right: Handshake, 2X-S

I will not get into which sound signature I am more partial to, rather the pictures are merely to illustrate the differences and similarities between both high-end iems. Sensaphonics’ 2X-S is a stodgy contender for the better part of a decade and has survived several cosmetic and build overhauls since its infancy. It is made from soft silicon, a pliable material which stretches with minute changes in the ear’s internal shape. Jerry Harvey’s JH13Pro is made out of the more traditional hard acrylic material that with a perfect fit, feels almost as comfortable as the Sensaphonics 2X-S. Differences in materials do mean a different flavour of sound; the hard acrylic of the JH audio renders extremely clean sound in all frequencies, but both earphones are incredible.

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Of course, there is a gulf of about 350$ between the two now that the JH13Pro has returned to its non-introductory price of 1099$. However, for that price, it packs an Oprah of technology inside: 6 balanced armatures divided between a passive 3-way crossover network which sounds lovely. For 750$, the Prophonics 2X-S will get you dual balanced armatures (dedicated low and dedicated high drivers) on a single crossover network.

Technological differences aside, both inner ear monitors sound very good. I hope these pictures will do two things: whet your appetite for our reviews, and give you a good comparison point. One thing is for sure: both companies have different aims in creating their monitors.

JH13Pro box (left) swallows the 2X-S box (right)

JH13Pro box (left) swallows the 2X-S box (right)

The BIG JH composite carbon box

The BIG JH composite carbon box

Notice the difference in twisted cables. The 2X-S is a stronger make.

Notice the difference in twisted cables. The 2X-S is more tightly twisted with a sturdier sheath

JH13Pro cable: soft, but very loosely twisted

JH13Pro cable: soft, noise-free, but very loosely twisted

The 2X-S cable is stiffer, but very strong

The 2X-S cable is stiffer, and stronger, but still quiet

Top: JH13Pro; bottom: 2X-S

Top: JH13Pro; bottom: 2X-S

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