Worms in Review – A Classic Re-Born On The iPlatform


Many many years ago, I encountered a game that at the time seemed rather amazing – a combat game that battled the mounting chaos of RTS games with elegant turn-based bombardment. This fun game enhanced its difficulty by using only projectile weapons, requiring the player to learn how to aim. Over the years it was remade and remodeled. Now 14 years later, on one of the newest platforms available, Team17 has reintroduced us to the glory that is Worms.

For those who have played the PC version of the game, Worms is going to look very familiar. The graphics and game play are almost identical. The only major difference is that instead of mouse and keyboard controls, you fire away with taps and swipes.

Although game play is slightly different (to be expected when porting from PC to the platform), after some getting used to, it’s just as enjoyably addictive as it was long ago. If you need some help, the tutorial is available from the help and options menu. There is also a section in there where you can view/create your own team. To create a team, you pick the name as well as all the names of the players and tombstones (whats visible after they die). Any teams already created are shown along with some game play stats.


Game play wise, you have single and multi player options. In single player mode, you have 3 options. First, you can jump right into a game using the quick match option. In this mode, you select your difficulty level and play against 1 other team. The Second is a practice mode where you can work on your techniques and try out all the weapons available to you. In practice mode, none of the opponents will attack you. The third single player option is the challenges mode where you compete against the computer. Just like in quick match you must defeat all your enemies before they defeat you. However in challenges, as you progress further the opponents will get tougher to defeat.

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In multi player mode you can play with up to 4 human controlled teams and compete in head to head combat. The game play is just like the single player modes, the only difference obviously is that there are more players involved. Each player is marked using a different color and a message pops up at the beginning of each turn to say whose turn it is.


Controls are pretty simple within the game. You touch either the left or right side of the screen to make your worm walk. Tapping once will cause them to hop forward , double tapping will cause them to back flip (you can also touch and swipe up or backwards to make them back flip). To pan across the screen, you touch with 2 fingers and move left or right. You can also use pinch and pull to zoom in or out. Another handy trick, if you worm is off the screen or out of view, just tap the left or right side of the screen to re-center the camera.

Access your weapons by tapping the box in the bottom left hand corner. There you will see all the weapons available to you. Ones that are faded are not available at that time. Weapons with an “x” and a number indicate how much ammo you have of that weapon. The number in brackets is how many moves must be taken before it is available. If the weapon has a fuse, you can tap the little number in the corner of the icon to alter the fuse from 1 to 5 seconds.

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To use your weapons you touch the cross hair and can either drag it to where you want to fire (if applicable) or alter your shooting angle up or down. Once you are positioned to where you want, you can either tap to fire, or hold down a little longer to increase your shot power.


In the end, I think that whether you are a fan of the series or have never heard of it before most people should enjoy this game. The controls are not that complexed and the game itself lends very well to casual gamers and fans of the pick up and play style of game. This game in my opinion was one of the most known and successful games of its genre. With its unexplainably addictive game play, I can see it finding similar success on the iPlatform.


App Summary
Title: Worms (Version 1.0.1) Developer: Team17 Software
Price: $4.99 App Size: 75.3 MB
  • Very similar to original Worms game
  • Fun to play
  • Excellent replay value
  • Not enough in game info about weapons
  • No online multi player


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