Updated: Apple’s Store is down – Snow Leopard? iPod touch? tablet? Answer: Snow Leopard


Always happy news

It is Monday, not the strangest day for a release from Apple, but certainlky no Tuesday. In any case, the Store is down which can mean only one thing: a release. Whether it is Snow Leopard, an iPod touch, or something even less expected but more widelly rumoured — something perhaps like the Spanish Inquisition — no one is certain of which, but look for great things today.

Apple have updated the store to read that Snow Leopard will ship on 28 August (This Friday). I’ll be ordering my copy very soon. Again, Snow Leopard will be 29$ (USD) and invariably hiked at your non-US locale. About Snow Leopard.

Apple’s PR statement about Snow Leopard.


If indeed it is the next big cat from Apple, expect the small severance with 29$ to speed up your computer with a new OS, but pricing on the next iPod touch and the middling device from Apple are up in the air. Apple often upgrades its iPod line with pricing which mimics last years prices, but in better hardware configurations.

However, with the 32 GB Zune touch HD looming, perhaps even Apple’s stalwart pricing may see movement.

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