Keys, keys anyone? – Official unlock for iPhone 3G


The hot news today is that it IS possible to officially unlock your iPhone. Yes, you read me correctly, OFFICIALLY UNLOCK. And I’m not talking those factory non-locked phones you get in some European countries for $1000+. I’m talking about a usual subsidized locked phone. No, I’m not completely bonkers.

I think everyone owning a subsidized iPhone has a secret dream of it being unlocked. And no, there’s not yet an app for that. At least officially. Or is there?

Olly Farshi is just a common guy located in Finland (that’s in Europe in case anyone’s wondering). And when the iPhone 3G was released last year he, like many many other people, entered into a two year blood oath with the local Finnish carrier Sonera for the ownership of the”Jesus Phone”.

When the 3GS was released, the dark demons that lie within all of us seduced Olly to acquire this precious device. He was positively stunned when the helpful girls at Sonera offered him the opportunity to pay of his remaining debt for the original 3G contract. Having eagerly done so (as I think many of us would) the helpful assistant at the carrier office took note of the IMEI of the 3G phone and promised that the phone would be unlocked during the next iTunes sync.


Well, the assistant is still alive so you can guess that it worked. Minutes later, when holy Olly connected his iPhone to the dreaded iTunes, he received an invitation to download a carrier update. After downloading and installing it, he was shocked to see Apple’s official unlock screen. And with the trademarked logo at the top!

So, that’s it, folks! I know, this seems like a dream for many of you out there, but it IS possible. Good luck convincing your local carriers though, because I imagine not everyone is a courteous as Sonera. And AT&T will probably laugh themselves silly if you propose something like that to them. So it’s probably time to brush up on your negotiation skills.

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  • zbr

    Of course it’s always been possible, hence the Sonera Rep taking note of his IMEI. To date every cellphone has been able to be unrestricted from it’s carrier and it’s always been based on the IMEI #, since that’s how all carriers track your device. The trick has always been discovering how each device goes about this “unlocking” method. In the past on such phones as the RAZR V3 you could type a command sequence like #*555# or something like that to enter the unlock mode then you had to enter the unlock code which was some algorithym that used the IMEI as a base # to calculate the unlock code. It would seem only natural that the iPhone have a similar mechanism, but thanks to iTunes and carrier updates it’s a bit more complex ;] I’m sure once someone has their iPhone unlocked by their carrier it won’t be long until some takes that info and reverses it to make an unlock code generator for the masses 😉 It just takes one unlocked iPhone to start a revolution!!!

  • Pivot

    I was under the impression that unlocking has always been officially available. Here in Australia, if you choose not to buy it outright (ie unlocked at full price) and go with a contract instead – you just have to call up your carrier and request an unlock and it’s usually followed through fairly quickly. To them its inconsequential whether its locked or unlocked as long as you continue to pay out your contract.

  • Spaans

    I got my iphone unlocked yesterday from Movistar, the company with the exclusivity in Spain. I had to discuss a bit with them about it, but finally they asked for the unlocking to apple. Then, I connected iTunes with other SIM card.. and made.

  • ViC

    Here in Spain, unlock is also available after 12 months from purchase, same way descripted on this post. I know some other people, besides me, that have successfully unlocked their iPhone 3G by calling Movistar (our mobile operator),

  • Indeed, great news that isn’t broadcast often enough. In Canada, things aren’t so healthy and in the States, a similar situation is under foot. As for my current home, Korea, well… the iPhone isn’t out yet (and some reckon it will never be) and I haven’t as much hope in a country where in order to participate in an online forum, you have to give your citizenship number…

  • I have been looking for an article like this, thank you very much!

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