ALO’s Prescription for good sound: the Rx for portable music


Ken of ALO audio dropped a mouth-watering hint about his new project: it won’t just be an amp. According to him, the project incorporates several products, one of which will be a DAC (digital to analogue converter), another a portable headphone amp, and something which remains a secret. That’s fine, it can stay that way – for now. The name, Rx, reminds me much of a prescription; perhaps the subliminal message is that this is just what the doctor ordered – we will see.

TouchMyApps will soon embark on an amp review section which will detail sound, looks, build quality, battery life, features, noise level, audio performance, etc.. Whenever the gods deem, ALO’s Rx series will hit these shores to compete with its peers from around the world. UPDATE: TMA has a shiny Rx in office ready to face down a few staunch competitors.

UPDATE: TMA’s review of the ALO Rx.

For the uninitiated, just like speakers, headphones exhibit stress on the outputs of any stem, even amps. Even the incredibly sensitive Earsonics SM2 which I use at volume setting 2 on my iPod touch is better ‘driven’ by a dedicated amp. Typical portables have weak, inexpensive output stages which are created for the maximising of battery life and profits. While they may sound good, there is a lot of detail lost in bass, instrument separation, and in some cases, noise introduced into the signal. Dedicated amplifiers from the cheapest to the most expensive help at least one failing of the headphone output of a player, some more than others.

Keep an eye on our headphone section for reviews, news, and maybe even something which rhymes with sieveaway!

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