This iPhone will self-destruct in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… KABOOM


Don’t you just love those spy movies? Especially all the cool gadgets and gizmos they have? How about when the secret messages burn up, explode, melt or something to that effect? Well, now your iPhone can do that too.

Following the recent surge of exploding batteries in a number of Apple products, including an iPod Touch in Great Britain, is the recently released iPhone 3GS in France. And while this kind of stuff may look cool in the movies, it’s not so fun in real life. For those of you still unaware I’ll give a brief summary.

A mishap happened to a Frenchman enjoying his newly acquired iPhone 3GS. He was having a normal call with one of his mates when all of a sudden, his iPhone exploded, hitting his eye with a shard from the screen-cover. Thankfully he didn’t lose his eye, though I do have my reservations about this story since I can’t imagine why the shard would have hit his eye rather than his ear, but freakier things have happened.


This new occurrence has finally attracted enough attention for the European Commission to step in and take a stand against Apple. I’m not exactly familiar with this organization, but the name spelled with capital letters should be enough to strike fear into anyone. (Yeah, right…)

Anyway, Apple refused to comment, stating only that they are waiting for the victims of Apple’s exploding gizmos to send in their iPhones and iPods for formal investigation. Meanwhile, they offered the victim of the recently exploded iPod Touch a refund provided the customer agrees “that [he] will keep the terms and existence of this settlement agreement completely confidential”. The plucky Frenchman instead refused to go for that deal, and thus hasn’t been compensated.


There are rumours that it is all some kind of conspiracy and that Apple is planning to use this technology to take over the world! Mu-ha-ha-ha-ha! Therefore I agree to put my life in jeopardy and become the sacrificial lamb and am waiting for all of you scared folks out there to send me your iPhones and even the iPod Touches (yes, I’m THAT self-sacrificing).

[picture via quickpwn & SlashGear]
  • Poor kids, they wanted to use safety device and it got explode in their hands.

    make ipod safe !

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